Which wall color fits best to a chic old building?

Old buildings have a very special flair, their mostly tall rooms, creaking wooden doors and stuccoed ceilings almost demand a really nice wall painting. But what fits in the best with the historic ambience: simple white, delicate pastel shades or bold color accents? Follow us on a trip into the world of shades and design techniques for your old building walls!

This wall paint underlines the historic ambience!

Of course, there is no blanket solution for all old buildings, each room requires a unique wall paint. The brighter the walls are painted, the larger the rooms look. Even rooms with little daylight require white or at least very bright wall surfaces.

But in ancient times, very few people have painted their rooms in pure white or completely cream-white, but decorated them with borders or provided with harmonious color accents. The sometimes quite high walls still demand to be creatively designed today.

For this reason, it can be said clearly: There is no special wall paint that best emphasizes the historic ambience of an old building. The colored room design should always be based on an interaction of several colors, individually tailored to the personal taste of the apartment owner.

The best design proposals for old building walls

Do you still need some fresh inspiration for designing your old building walls? We have put together the most beautiful ideas for you, how to decorate your rooms with a few bucket wall paint stylishly:

  • Paint the wall in a light shade and apply a slightly darker glaze over it, for example with a coarse-pored sponge.
  • On a smooth surface instead of a brush, use a spatula to fan out the paint. Design the surface in multicolor layers.
  • Brush the walls in a basic tone and then sprinkle them with a brush in a different shade - or roll up a second layer of paint irregularly with a lint-free cotton rag.
  • Divide the wall into a lower two-thirds zone and an upper Eindrittelzone. Paint the upper section a little darker and put a nice border in the middle.
  • Paint three walls in a neutral, bright hue and one with a bold wall paint, such as purple, dark red, or chocolate brown. The contrast can be seen!

Tips & Tricks

Obtain a RAL color fan to choose the most beautiful wall colors for your old building!

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