Which wall color is best for gray furniture?

Gray furniture is absolutely in fashion - and they also come up with a practical advantage: the subtle color scheme opens up the opportunity to make the space in a variety of ways, either still reserved or fresh and happy. Therefore, there is not the perfect wall color for gray furniture, but a rich selection to create different atmospheres. Choose the best!

How would you like it: Cool or warm?

Many a householder prefers the cool freshness as a kind of "hello awake" for all residents and visitors. Gray furniture provides an excellent basis for such cool wall colors as light blue, turquoise and pure white. Especially dark gray furnished rooms benefit from this fresh optical wind!

On the contrary, would you prefer to bring more heat into your home? Then opt for warm wall colors such as beautiful sand tones or strong earth tones. However, dark tones should always be combined with bright colors so that the room does not look too dark.

The colors yellow, orange and salmon create a strong contrast to the gray furniture, almost like a spotlight for the precious furnishings. But be sure not to paint too large areas in these shades, or your furniture will be overshadowed too much.

Shades of gray for the walls - is not that boring?

Some owners of gray furniture also opt to paint their walls in shades of gray as well. In this case, it is important to use a completely different gray to create a contrast between the furniture and the wall, for example by adding some green or blue.

In addition, it is advisable to attach large-area patterns on the wall so that it does not seem so monotonous. How about floral motifs in stencil technique or a brisk wiping technique in several gray shades?

Set colorful accents with decorative items such as floor lamps, pillows or pictures. Strong, red, green or blue splashes of color break through the monotony and visually enhance your space.

Tips & Tricks

Combine your gray furniture with wood surfaces to bring warmth to your home. The wood shines through the gray "framing" even more alive!

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