Which wall color fits best with my kitchen?

With a really nice wall color, even an older kitchen shines in a whole new splendor. But even the built-in furniture looks even better in front of a freshly painted, radiant surface! Unfortunately, you can fall pretty far wrong in the color selection, so it is advisable to consider this step very carefully: What really fits my kitchen - and what not?

The kitchen: no longer a usable space!

Cosiness is very important in the modern kitchen, even if it is just a small room with a simple kitchenette. Often there is not only cooked, but also sat (or confessed) and talked, nibbled and laughed.

Larger kitchens usually also contain seats today, either at a bar or on an invitingly prepared dining table. The sociability is therefore very important here, so it seems all the more important to make this space friendly and comfortable.

And then there is the trend to separate the kitchen with a door from the rest of the living room: food and life simply belong together, so the cooking area remains open and visible to all. A good reason to go to a lot of trouble with the color selection!

Help with the selection of a wall paint for the kitchen

However, there is such a large selection of wall colors that the decision is not so easy. Where can I get some guidance? Particularly useful in this regard are so-called interactive color designers on the Internet.

Here you have the opportunity to upload a photo of your kitchen for free and to paint the walls digitally in different colors. An ideal chance to try out in concrete terms how the new paint works in conjunction with the furniture!

Even a RAL color fan can help to find the right wall paint for your own kitchen. As a layman in the field of paints you will surely be amazed at how many possibilities there are!

Concrete suggestions: These wall colors upgrade the kitchen!

But what wall paints are they that wonderfully stage a kitchen? We have prepared a few suggestions for you, for inspiration and guidance.

Wall painteffect
snow-whitelooks bright, fits also to brightly colored kitchen fronts
Light Bluelooks cool but friendly, goes well with creamy or woody fronts
lime greenlooks fresh and spring-like, goes well with white, woody or blue fronts
sun yellowLooks sunny and warm, goes well with white or wood-colored fronts
lemonlooks refreshing, goes well with blue or white fronts
scarletsets strong accents, fits more to discreet fronts
Graylooks restrained, fits well with strong colored fronts
orangelooks warm and strong, fits fronts in light wood
gray bluediscreet alternative to strong blue
gray greensubtle alternative to strong green

Add to that countless other iridescent shades, which can also be used in various combinations. Choose from two to three harmonious "key colors" for your kitchen that can be found on walls, furniture and decoration!

Interplay of wall and front: a colorful duet

From the list above you can see that the kitchen fronts and wall paint must of course match to create a common visual effect. Of course, the combinations suggested above are to be added otherwise according to taste!

Above all, it is important that you decide before painting on whether you want a color harmony or prefer to create a strong contrast. In addition, the information could be helpful that bright colors make a room larger and darker make the kitchen look smaller.

If possible, paint the ceiling in white, because darker tones are often perceived as "stressful" above the head. Plus, just painting one wall in full color and the other in pure white could be a really good, individual solution for you.

Tips & Tricks

The tile mirror simply does not want to match the favorite wall color? No problem! With tailor-made high-tech foil, you can cover tile by tile and create a completely new look. The adhesive foil can be sealed on the sides of the hair dryer to withstand hot steam.

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