Which wall color is best for a shabby-chic style?

Shabby Chic has literally been on everyone's lips for a number of years, because hardly ever before laymen were able to design entire apartments from within with such simple means. Flea market items, Euro pallets and fruit boxes are the basic material for a style that looks both chic and shabby. If only the right wall paint is missing - everything looks perfect!

Our suggestion: decorate the wall with vivid glazes

The shabby-chic style always looks a bit imperfect, the colors appear faded and worn. This fits best a wall glaze in a beautiful color combination, as loosely applied. The following shades provide an aesthetic look:

  • a glaze in old rose on cream white
  • a glaze in lime green on white
  • a glaze in blue on light blue
  • a glaze in sun yellow on white
  • a glaze in cream white on white

Of course, other combinations are possible, but you should always a slightly darker hue on a brighter surface paint. Choose the Shabby Chic wall paint based on the existing furnishings and personal taste.

How to professionally apply your Shabby Chic wall paint

Nothing is easier to apply than a loose glaze! However, you should first coat the substrate compactly and allow it to dry well before you use the glaze tool.

Dilute the wall color to be glazed a bit, but not too strong, because too watery material will only drip annoyingly. The following tools are ideal for applying wall stains:

  • a foam roller with a three-dimensional pattern
  • a simple, coarse-pored household sponge
  • a lint-free cotton rag
  • a large brush

Although the result should look casual and casual, it is a good idea to keep a certain uniformity when applying the Shabby Chic wall paint. This is the only way to create a homogenous look that gives the eye a feeling of pleasant calm despite all its vitality.

Anyone who has never applied a wall stain before, practices the process better on a sample surface, for example on a web of Raspasertape or a large piece of cardboard.

Tips & Tricks

The speckle technique is also suitable for the design of a wall surface in shabby-chic style. Sprinkle the paint on the wall with a brush and if necessary add a border, which you dab on the wall with a stencil. Done is the little work of art!

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