Wheel Cleaner Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for rim cleaner comparison or test 2018

  • Car rims provide both stability and visual enhancement of the vehicle. So that the rims make a good impression in every season, there are the so-called wheel cleaner.
  • Wheel Cleaner is a cleaning agent especially designed for car rims that removes dirt and reveals new shine.
  • There are acid-free rim cleaners on the market, which are less harmful to the environment than their acidic counterpart, but at the same time are not suitable for all types of pollution.

Wheel Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

Especially in colder seasons, the car - due to weather precipitation and dirty roads - ever get dirty. Not only the paint of the car, but also tires and rims are affected by the dirt. What remains? Road dirt, soot and brake wear.

In order to bring the rims up to speed as quickly as possible, there are special rim cleaners, But which rim cleaner is the best? Should one rather resort to an acidic or acid-free product? We will get to the bottom of these and other questions in our Wheel Cleaner Comparison 2018. We'll show you what the topic is and what you should look out for when buying, In addition, we present you the most popular products on the market and our rim cleaner comparison winner.

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Wheel Cleaner Comparison 2018: rims

Hands off! - Wheel cleaner as a party drug

Wheel cleaner is used by some teenagers as a drug. The contained in it Gamma butyrolactan is a precursor of the narcotic GHBthat acts like Liquid Ecstasy on the body. That rim cleaner is not a drug, It is a highly toxic solution that can quickly lead to intensive care or death, does not matter to many. So also in October 2015, in which a 17-year-old the consumption of rim cleaner was the fatal.

1. Lets the rims shine: Wheel cleaner for car cleaning

Like the car shampoo or polish, a rim cleaner is a chemical Solution to remove stained dirt on car rims, Although light soiling can also be removed in a car wash, stained spots often require more attention. They learn this in the form of a specially adapted to such contamination rim cleaner.

Most rim cleaners are available in the form of spray bottles and can do so just to the relevant places be sprayed on. After a short exposure time of usually 2-10 minutes, the rim cleaner can be removed with water again. This process is facilitated by the Use of a water hose and a rim brush, Even a high-pressure cleaner simplifies the cleaning process.

Wheel Cleaner Comparison 2018: rims

Tip: If the wheel cleaner of your choice does not have a spray orifice, we advise you to get one to buy empty spray bottle and to refill the content. The order of the cleaner is made much easier by a spraying mechanism.

2. Effective, but more harmful to the environment? - Wheel cleaner types with and without acid

Wheel cleaners can be divided into two categories: acidic and acid-free cleaners, their ingredients are less powerful, but more environmentally friendly. We will introduce both types in more detail below:

Wheel Cleaner Typedescription
Acidic cleaner

Wheel Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

  • ideal for coarse and extremely stubborn dirt
  • aggressive and polluting kind of cleaning
  • not suitable for aluminum, stainless steel and chrome
  • can attack the metallic surfaces
  • not suitable for regular use
Acid-free cleaner

Wheel Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

  • ideal for normal soiling
  • environmentally friendly alternative
  • good material compatibility

You get a good result with both an acidic and an acid-free cleaner. An acid-free product still offers some advantages, Because an acid-free cleaner...

  • ... is suitable for all materials (eg aluminum, chrome and stainless steel).
  • ... is ph neutral.
  • ... is gentler on the skin than an acidic product.
  • ... is more environmentally and health friendly.
  • ... is more expensive than acidic cleaners.
  • ... requires a longer exposure time.

Wheel Cleaner Comparison 2018: wheel

Tip: Basically, you should rims cleaner of the environment in moderation and not above average often use. Twice a year - to change seasons and tires - should be enough.

3. Purchase advice: You must pay attention to this when buying a rim cleaner

Wheel Cleaner Comparison 2018: rims

Although the Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a rim cleaner test so that you can find your personal rim cleaner test winner, we have compiled the most important purchase criteria for you. This gives you an overview of what to look for when buying:

  • Wheel Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

    Cleaning performance and exposure time:
    The cleaning performance can sometimes - as already described - vary with acidic and acid-free products. The difference, however, is marginal. If you give enough exposure to an acid-free cleaner, this also removes heavy soiling (eg burned brake dust, oil and rubber residues). For the products in our rim cleaner comparison, there is hardly any difference in cleaning performance. So all cleaners are sufficiently effective and easy to use. If your rims still show dirt after cleaning, try a new test with a slightly longer exposure time.
  • Wheel Cleaner Comparison 2018: rims

    Quantity and durability:
    As rim cleaners are generally not used regularly, the amount they contain is enough for a while. Not always from manufacturer side a best before date is given. All in all, one can say that an already opened cleaner about 2-3 years holds. In addition, a few splashes are enough to give your rims again shine, You can therefore use the cleaner in moderation. The price / performance ratio determines whether you choose a spray bottle - usually 500 to 1000 milliliters - or a canister with several liters of content. The most favorable concentrate in the canister, however, must be diluted with water before use.
  • Wheel Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

    area of ​​influence
    : You should about the before buying Material of your rims Know. Then you can decide if you want to purchase an acidic or acid free product. Material damage, for example on alloy wheels, can thus be avoided.

4. Wheel Cleaner: Questions and Answers

Wheel Cleaner Comparison 2018: 2018

Are there any questions left? You may find the answers in the last chapter of our rim cleaner comparison:

4.1. What is used in the car wash for cleaning my rims?

Wheel Cleaner Comparison 2018: comparison

Saves the own work: A car cleaning in the car wash.

The washer also uses rim cleaner to clean your rims. This is usually at the beginning - before entering the car wash - sprayed from the outside on the rims. Using a high-pressure cleaner, the dirt is then removed and finally completely washed off in the car wash.

The advantage of cleaning in a car wash: You save yourself tedious personal work and avoid the risk of doing something wrong. The disadvantage: nothing is free. Between 4-20 euros costs you a cleaning in the car wash.

4.2. Is every rim cleaner suitable for painted rims?

No. Only acid-free wheel rim cleaner is suitable for painted rims, Acidic products would attack the paint and the material. Here is an overview of which manufacturers offer acid-free rim cleaners:

  • Sonax
  • Dr. Wack
  • Nigrin
  • Tuga
  • Alclear
  • Liqui Moly
  • Michelin
  • Würth

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