When and how to turn the mattress?

Again and again you hear that mattresses should be turned. But why do you do that and how often should you turn your mattress over? We researched it for you and compiled it here.

Why should you turn your mattress?

There are many good reasons to use a mattress, even if it is a winter and summer mattress.

  • The mattress is evenly worn.
  • Cooling is prevented.
  • The mattress is ventilated from all sides and prevents moisture accumulation.
  • There is more hygiene in the bed.
  • Due to the above effects, the overall life of the mattress is increased.

How often should a mattress be turned over?

How often it makes sense to turn the mattress is not general. Vendor specifications vary: Some say the mattress should be turned on every change of bed linen, while others say four times a year would be enough.
How often it makes sense to turn in individual cases depends on various factors:

  • Do you sweat hard at night?
  • Do you own a reasonably priced mattress?
  • Do you use your mattress without slatted frame?
  • Is the area under the slatted frame (if available) delivered?
  • Does your mattress not have a mattress cover?
  • Do you spend time in bed during the day?

If you answer yes to one or more of the above questions, you should check your mattress more frequently, e.g. turn once a month.

Turn the mattress step by step

1. Remove sheets and mattress cover and wash

Before turning over, the bed linen and the mattress cover (if available) are removed. If allowed according to care label, wash at 60 degrees to kill mites and bacteria.

2. Ventilate the mattress

Take the opportunity to ventilate your mattress. Pull it from the bed and put it vertically to a heater or outside in the sun. Alternatively, place them near the window and open the window.

Note it which side was up!

3.a) Turn the mattress

Place your mattress upside down on the bed.

3.b) Turn the mattress

Next turn, you should turn your mattress without turning the top down. To do this, swap the head and foot sections.

3.c) Turn the mattress and turn

The third variant, which comes into play every third turn, is a combination of turning and turning. Replace the top, bottom, foot and head sections.

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