When may one cut out a concrete floor?

The freshly poured concrete ceiling needs a long curing time of several days or weeks before it can be switched off. Since the ceiling must have no support after stripping, the drying times should be exceeded rather than exceeded. How long does it take for a young concrete ceiling to support itself?

Shuttering deadlines for concrete ceilings

The DIN 1045-3, which contains the German application rules for concrete plant parts, does not contain information on stripping times. In this case, the experience of the professionals come into play.

The deadlines for stripping concrete ceilings are comparatively long, since this is an emergency-prone element in case of emergency. The curing times depend on the strength class of the cement. They range from 6 days to 4 weeks.

Tips & Tricks

Remember that concrete hardens more slowly at low temperatures. Below 10 degrees Celsius, you usually have to wait a few days longer to strip the concrete pavement.

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