When may I connect the refrigerator after transport?

You have bought a new refrigerator, which you now want to transport? Maybe even a move is imminent? Many refrigerator owners still remember that the device should be left alone for about 24 hours after transport before it can be put into operation. Is this rule still valid today? And what happens during the rest phase in the refrigerator interior?

Refrigerator standing or lying transport?

Closely related to the rest period after transport is the question of whether the refrigerator was transported lying or standing. Refrigerators are basically built to stand vertically.

When the refrigerator is lying, the oil from the compressor runs into the cooling circuit and must first be returned to its original position before commissioning - otherwise the technology can be damaged.

During standing transport, the oil stays in place and therefore does not need a return time. However, vertical transport is often not possible, especially if you use your own car for transport.

How long must the idle period be before connecting the refrigerator?

If you need to store the refrigerator for transport, allow it to stand for a few hours before connecting it to the mains. Depending on the make and model, setting the oil takes between 4 and 24 hours.

You can find out about the actual duration in the instructions for use of your refrigerator - or simply inquire with the manufacturer. If you can not find out, leave your device for security 24 hours a day.

The advantages and disadvantages of different types of transport

recliningRefrigerator needs wait after setting upDevice fits in the car
standinglarger transport vehicle neededOil stays in the compressor

Caution with the refrigerator transport!

Vibration can damage the technology of a refrigerator, so it is important to treat the device with the utmost care. If known, pay attention to the manufacturer's information for carriage, which must also be searched on the internet.

Also remove all additional elements, especially the glass shelves and vegetable compartments. So nothing can be solved inside the transport and cause destruction.

Tips & Tricks

For newer refrigerators it will take about 2 hours after connecting, until the set interior temperature is reached. If you have an older model, wait for about 4 hours to cool down.

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