When is a footfall sound insulation useful?

A footfall sound insulation isolated footfall and footfall sound and thus ensures a pleasant, relaxed living. In this article, we explain why a good impact sound insulation makes sense in each case and how the investments pay off.

Noise pollution and its consequences

Impact sound insulation always makes sense if the vibrations that occur when it occurs are not adequately contained and in this way constitute a nuisance to the inhabitants of a house. But also noises that occur, for example, when operating a washing machine or other devices fall into the area of ​​impact sound and can also be disturbing.

The consequences of permanent noise nuisance can be serious: from stress to insomnia and psychological effects, all consequences are possible that harm the health of the residents. As you can see, impact sound insulation is not a "luxury" that is unnecessary, but a must for every comfortable home.

The investments pay off

In addition to a lot of benefits that provides a sound insulation when living in a house, it also brings financial benefits: Although you have to invest in the purchase of the insulation material and possibly also in the installation investment, but worthwhile for the performance of the house. Because if you should sell your house, a good impact sound insulation will bring you a higher price in addition to more potential customers.

Impact sound insulation is therefore always useful if you want to increase the value of your home or want to keep it at least stable.

Especially important for sensitive people

Particular importance is given to footfall sound insulation when sensitive inhabitants such as children or old people are present. Not only the physical consequences of persistent noise pollution are stronger, but also the mental ones. If you have children in the house, a good insulation also protects against the noise generated by them.

The more people in the house, the more necessary

But it is not only the sensitivity of certain people that makes impact sound insulation particularly necessary, but also the amount of residents in a particular house. Because the more people live in a particular house, the more serious are the consequences of poor footfall sound insulation. You should pay particular attention to the following types of houses:

  • In terraced houses
  • For apartment buildings
  • For double and two-family houses
  • For light houses, for example with a wooden construction

Although modern prefabricated houses, which are based on a wooden construction, are not significantly less well insulated than comparable solid houses, but you need a better footfall sound insulation to compensate for the greater clairaudience.

As you can see, impact sound insulation makes sense in many ways as it provides a high level of living comfort, maintains the health of the residents and enhances the value of the home. Especially when a house is inhabited by several people, such insulation becomes particularly important.

Tips & Tricks

Let an expert such as an architect advise you on the subject of impact sound insulation. From experience, he can tell you how it is worthwhile and how you can provide your house with a good insulation.

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