When are screed gratings necessary?

The question as to when screed gratings should (should) be used is also answered by the DIN18560 - namely whenever a special stiffening is required for concrete screed. The stiffness of a screed is particularly important when laying inflexible materials, such as tiles or natural stone - this is about minimizing screed movements as much as possible.

What are screed grids?

Screed grates are wire meshes that serve to reinforce a concrete screed. They are placed in the upper third of the screed construction and connected with a stainless steel wire. The best way to do this is to use a dowel wire. The screed grille has different sizes with different wire sizes and mesh sizes, depending on how strong the screed reinforcement must be. The wire produced from the Estrichgitter, it has special strength properties, which may be even different depending on the wire thicknesses. There are both so-called bare and galvanized Estrichgitter in the trade.

Alternatives to screed lattices for heated screeds

The extent to which screed gratings are necessary is determined not only by the floor plan and room size, but also by the traffic loads that can be expected - especially with heated screeds, which are usually executed as floating screed, as an alternative to screed lattices, there is also the possibility of fiber reinforcement - the liquid screed here added special fibers, which also take over the function of a reinforcement. From the cost of this one is a little higher, but the processing is easier, because the fibers are already added directly to the screed, the installation of mats is therefore eliminated. However, you should be careful when adding the mixer for the addition of fiber - in order to mix the fibers properly, a compulsory mixer is required in any case, free fall mixer go under any circumstances, otherwise the fibers tangle. If such a mixer is not available, it would be better to resort to conventional screed lattices, as otherwise the reinforcement would lose its effect and the consistency of the liquid screed and its durability would be endangered by the fiberballs.

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