For unevenness and stumbling surfaces, prime the floor

Priming the floor before laying new laminate, parquet or linoleum should always be an issue in such renovations. Especially with old floors that have cracks or are porous at the surface, this renovation is important and takes only a few hours of time.

Actually, yes, the old and a bit grubby carpet just just out quickly to make room for a new laminate flooring. However, many do-it-yourselfers expect a special challenge under the rugs. The surface is porous and crumbles, the surface resembles a mountain and valley railway, in places even moisture is visible. Anyone who has already read in a DIY guide recognizes immediately: Here only helps to prime the floor, It looks like a daunting task, but it is not, at least if the ground is still reasonably usable.

How does the floor get back in shape?

The floor must therefore first be balanced so that cracks and bulges disappear and its entire surface is completely flat. For the laying of laminate or parquet floors are the elementary prerequisites, otherwise, after a few days already the first Wooden panels get out of their proverbial joints, Only prime the floor, or even apply putty or leveling compound, would now be the question. Maybe the bumps are so big that the entire floor even balanced with a screed layer must become? In case of doubt and because questions cost nothing, ask a specialist for advice. The consultant in the hardware store will certainly help if he looks at some photos on your smartphone.

Prime the floor - makes sense for every floor

Essential for the selection of the most appropriate primer is whether the soil to be processed by a absorbent or non-absorbent material is. Simply do the water test with a brush that is well drained over the surface of the floor. If the water seeps in and also turns dark, it is an absorbent floor.

Material and tools for priming the floor

Apart from that, the surface of the floor meticulous clean and totally fat-free What needs to be done quickly with commercially available cleaning agents, hot water, brooms and scrubber, the handyman needs only:

  • undercoating liquid
  • paint bucket
  • Tassel or paint roller
  • Suitable brush for difficult to reach places in the room

Optimum priming procedure

The drying times of the primers vary according to the brand used. It will take three to four hours for the paint to dry completely. After another 24 hours, you can start laying the laminate or parquet floor. Prime a particularly good result when the floor is achieved, if the painting twice and not too thick is applied.

Tips & Tricks

It is particularly easy to process those available from specialist dealers Füllgrundierungen, These dispersions contain a special cement powder that simultaneously closes and seals small cracks in the soil with the primer.

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