Water damage requires a sworn expert

After a water damage usually a professional assessment of the damage and the establishment of a recovery plan must be made. The insurance company usually instructs a sworn expert. The costs for its assessment are covered by the insurance. If you order your own appraiser yourself, you must first clear the reimbursement.

Initiate inspection

After the resulting water damage, a quick and prudent response is needed. Depending on the case of damage and liability, the water damage must be reported to the insurance concerned and, if necessary, to the owner or landlord.

When it comes to the question of what to do in the event of water damage, consideration should also be given to the professionally qualified assessment. If your own insurance is involved, the reporter should immediately clarify whether the insurance commissioned a sworn expert.

If the regulation of the water damage is taken over by the insurance of another party, such as the building insurance, the injured party should ask the landlord or owner for information, if an appraiser is commissioned.

If you order an appraiser yourself, you can not assume that the insurance will cover the costs. This also applies when ordering a second or counter report. In any case, a damage assessment by a craftsman such as an installer is not legally binding.

Written form and jurisdiction

Depending on the type of damage, an expert must make a water damage assessment and draw up a detailed plan for disposal. This includes all damage to the causer and all the victims. All victims must insist on a written description of damage.

In addition to direct damage, indirect damage must also be taken into account. The typical indirect damage is the formation of mold after a water damage. In case of disagreement between the parties, such as between landlord and tenant, an independent appraiser or expert is appointed by the court for a final review.

If the insurances do not commission an appraiser or the appraisal is doubted, the consumer protection, the tenant protection association, TÜV and Dekra are suitable contact persons regarding a further appraisal.

Tips & Tricks

In most cases, the insurance company carries out the damage assessment by means of a self-appointed appraiser. To prevent any discrepancies, you should make as much pictorial documentation as possible. Material samples of damaged sealants or mold spores can additionally help.

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