When extending a door, three components must be rebuilt

Since in most cases the passage height of a door should be raised when the question of lengthening arises, the lintel is of crucial importance. The upper crossbar above the door opening often consists of a concrete or wood component inserted into the masonry, and more rarely of bricks.

Three structural changes

If a door is to be extended, three components must be rebuilt. Increasing the lintel requires depending on the circumstances a disassembly from the previous situation and repositioning. When extending the side elements of a door frame are too short. Either the existing Zage must be extended or a new installation must be made.

The same applies to the door leaf or the door panel. Depending on the design, it can be extended by "patching", attaching a new larger sheet to the old or completely replacing it. While wooden doors can be easily clad if the door has been sawed off too short, it is often necessary to replace doors with fillings inserted in the frame.

Mondays and settings

Effects of extending a door arise on the door mechanism or the moving parts. Door hinges, hinges or hinges may remain in place with lightweight door materials such as wood or plastic. Steel and glass doors are given a new center of gravity by the extension and often require a correction in the height of their attachment.

If one or more components have to be replaced, the position of the lock and the counter bearing must be observed. Snap locks and door traps must be adapted and, if necessary, converted into a comfortable operating height.

How to extend a door

  • Mortar or cement
  • Wall screws and dowels
  • Door leaf material
  • Caulking tool such as chisel or chisel
  • Height-adjustable steel supports

1. Remove the frame

First, remove the door frame and release the masonry.

2. Expose the lintel

After you have fixed at least four pillars in the depth offset to each other, remove the old mortar from the joints of the lintel, if it is not a loose lintel in drywall.

3. Remove masonry

By removing the appropriate bricks, make room to move the lintel upwards.

4. Reinstall the lintel

5. Move fittings

6. Extend the door frame

When you extend the old door frame, attach the "patched" parts to the two lower ends with outboard rails.

7. Replace or cover the door leaf

Tips & Tricks

Never reduce the strength and size of the lintel, otherwise there is an acute danger of collapse.

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