Raw concrete removal is needed when removing concrete foundations

Those who are faced with the task of removing a concrete foundation will usually find out quickly why the material is so reliably long-lasting. Usually only brute force helps and depending on the strength of the foundation, only heavy equipment such as a caulking or jackhammer promises a chance of success.

In most cases, different approaches have to be tried and maintained, supplemented or changed according to progress and success. At the beginning, segmenting the concrete with a flex or a side cutter is one possibility. In this case, individual sections are formed by the sawing of columns, which are then knocked out with a hammer and flat chisel.

If the concrete foundation has been laid frost-resistant, as is almost always the case outdoors, a jackhammer or a mortising hammer must be used. In the professional field there are mini excavators with rock chisel attachments.

As a home remedy and with appropriate time, the drilling of holes and the introduction of wooden sticks made of beech are handed down. By a constant generous watering the expanding wood blows up the concrete.

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