Where do you dispose of a mirror?

Your mirror has broken and you want to dispose of it? He does not come in the glass container! But why not? We explain why the mirror needs special treatment and how to properly dispose of it.

Why should the mirror not in the glass container?

Mirrors are made of a different glass than e.g. Juice bottles. This is so-called flat glass, which can not be recycled like other glasses from the food industry. Nevertheless, if you throw it in the glass container, it must be sorted out with difficulty because otherwise it could jeopardize the recycling process of the entire load.
Mirrors are not allowed in the yellow bag.

Where to go with the old mirror?

If the mirror is broken into many small pieces, you can simply throw it in the trash can. If it is still whole, you can either break it and then put it in the trash can or make an appointment with bulky waste and dispose of it. Alternatively, you can take him to the nearest recycling center.

Recycle instead of throw away

If your mirror is still whole or broken into large pieces, you can easily use it.
You can use whole mirrors, for example offer on Ebay and so get a little money for your mirror. Or you just put it on the street with the note "Take me with you". Make sure that it does not block the sidewalk.

Creative dealing with mirror shards

Shards of mirror can be used to create beautiful works of art. We explain how to do it.

Design mirror shards step by step

  • Glass cutter (optional)
  • Abrasive material for mirrors (e.g., diamond abrasive pieces for glass)
  • gloves
  • brush
  • dull knife or a pointed device made of wood or plastic
  • dish soap
  • microfiber cloth
  • material
  • Glass paints

1. Cut the mirror and grind it off

First and foremost, of course, you should remove the mirror. When hanging down, make sure that no splinters fall to the ground!

If you would like to have your mirror pieces in a different size, you can cut them using a glass cutter. Here we explain how it's done.

Then you should sand the corners and edges with special sandpaper for glass. It is important to wear gloves so as not to injure yourself.

2. Clean and prepare

Before you can decorate your mirror shard, it must be rid of dust and grease. To do so, clean it with a little warm water and detergent. Then rub the sherd dry with a microfiber cloth.

Think about what you want to paint on the shard and maybe cut out some stencils or paint a template.

3. painting

Now you can paint your shard as you wish. Alternatively you can glue or engrave them.

Tips & Tricks

If your mirror is just slightly struck, you may even be able to repair it. How that works, we explain here.

Video Board: How to Break and Dispose of a Mirror