Where do I mount my smoke detectors in the stairwell?

Through the staircase, the smoke pulls in the event of fire throughout the house, so smoke detectors appear particularly useful there. But there is no obligation to smoke detectors in the stairwell of apartment buildings. The most important facts can be found here.

In the stairwell of an apartment building there is usually no obligation to smoke detectors, inform yourself about the respective regulations of your state. If you want to be on the safe side, but also equips this area with smoke detectors.

Most regulations on smoke detectors state that escape and rescue routes should generally be equipped with detectors. Radio-networked devices are particularly useful if they have a location option for the alarm-triggering device.

How to mount your smoke detector in the hallway and staircase properly

Always place the units on the ceiling with a minimum distance of 50 cm to the wall. This allows any smoke to penetrate unhindered into the smoke chamber. However, avoid the proximity of ventilation shafts, because the draft eliminates the smoke.

In the stairwell, there is at least one smoke detector on every floor, especially large or long corridors should be equipped with two or more units. If the corridor slopes off, a separate smoke detector is advisable for each section.

Escape route through the staircase?

If the smoke detectors in the hall alarm and smoke is actually in the stairwell, you should better keep the door closed, call the fire department and wait for help at the open window.

In addition, you can seal the door gap with damp towels, so that no smoke penetrates into your home. Most people die from smoke poisoning in a fire, not because they burn. The escape through a smoky staircase therefore carries a danger to life!

Tips & Tricks

Are you not sure where to place your smoke detectors in the stairwell? Just ask the local fire department, they will help you there.

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