Whether amateur or professional: anyone can build a wall themselves

If some basics are taken into account when building a wall, doing it yourself is no problem for do-it-yourselfers. The central and most important requirement must be stability. This is guaranteed by an adequate foundation, the correct mixing of mortar and a durable stone compound.

Planning, foundation and Verbund

The first step in preparing a wall yourself is to create a plan. Depending on the type of bricks and the height of the wall, the dimensions of the bricks must be set very precisely or less accurately. While tolerances of several centimeters are possible with natural stone walls, exact specifications for stone and joint format must be implemented for artificial stones.

The basis of the construction of a wall is the foundation that on the one hand must carry the wall safely and on the other frost must tolerate. The minimum depth of a typical strip foundation for a self-built wall is eighty centimeters. The concrete must be mixed in a proper mixing ratio. Most secure is the use of ready-mixed mortar, which is only mixed with water.

When the foundation has dried and set, the wall begins to set. Here, the type of wall bond should already be defined in the planning. Both simple staggered walls of the rows of stones as well as a wild compound or right-angled dislocations of the stones to each other are possible. Likewise, the joint type and the masonry dimensions determine the height of the joints. When planning with thin format, the grouting of the wall is obsolete because the bricks are almost on top of each other. In the thin format, the mortar serves more as an "adhesive".

How to build your own wall

  • Ready-mixed or screed concrete
  • water
  • ready-mixed mortar
  • Maybe pebbles
  • cover
  • Maybe bitumen board
  • bricks
  • Concrete and mortar mixer (drill with stirring rod or cement mixer)
  • Straightening or masonry cord
  • wooden stakes
  • Spade, shovel and possibly pickaxe
  • wheelbarrow
  • masher
  • spirit level
  • trowel
  • rubber hammer
  • jointer

1. foundation excavation

Under the later course of the wall, excavate a pit eighty centimeters deep in the width of the wall thickness. In loose soil, you board the pit edges.

2. Fill in concrete and compact it

Fill the ditch to the ground level with the mixed ready-mixed concrete. Smooth the surface and compact with shovels and pounders. Cover the foundation during the drying and setting process.

3. Put the first row of stones

Apply a layer of mortar about two centimeters thick to the concrete and place the first row of stones. Check the horizontal position after each stone and correct with a rubber mallet.

4. Wall the composite

Begin the second row of stones with a half-stone and continue building to a half stone length. For irregular natural stones, the offset must be at least one third of the stone length.

5th wall grouting

If you want to fill in the joints of your wall, apply the grout with a trowel and the grout in the joints.

Tips & Tricks

Before constructing your own wall at the building authority, ask yourself if your planning complies with the valid construction rules.

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