Which alarm system is suitable for me?

The question of the right alarm system poses major problems for many homeowners. Choosing the right one from the variety of models and designs offered is more than difficult. A few hints and tips will give you the following post.

Planning is everything

First of all, all security risks in and around the house as well as on the property must be scrutinized. That alone requires a lot of consideration and experience.

  • Where can burglars hide?
  • Where can you find access?
  • Where can a burglar work undisturbed?
  • How can you prevent him from getting anywhere near these areas?

Very often forgotten are also side entrance doors, light wells and the protection of the garage. Here are just the most vulnerable points where it may make it almost too easy for a burglar.

Mechanical and electronic fuse

Mechanical protection against unauthorized intrusion always comes first. It is important to stop burglars as long as possible. The resistance class of doors and windows plays a decisive role in this.

In addition, then vulnerable areas can be particularly secured - such as access to a difficult to secure and difficult to see from the outside back door.

How many detectors?

The type of detectors and which detectors make sense where they arise is the result of the precise planning and analysis of the safety-endangered areas.

alarm transmission

The next question that arises is the type of alarm transmission. Should only a loud alarm be triggered on site or actually be used to catch the culprit still possible?

Tips & Tricks

Also, always make sure that, for example, heaters can easily trigger a false alarm on motion detectors, and that windows not only have a (easy to get around) opening detector, but also report broken glass. If in doubt, seek advice from counseling services if you are not sure.

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