Which prefabricated house provider is the right one?

If you want to build a prefabricated house, you can not get around a question: Which provider is right for me? This decision is not always easy, because the selection of prefabricated house companies, in Germany alone, is immense. The following article is intended to help you with this decision.

Which kind of house would you like to build?

In order to limit the selection of potential suppliers to a smaller group, you should know which type of prefabricated house is your favorite: whether wood construction or a more massive variant, whether residential block or extension house; each provider specializes in one or more types.

Almost every prefabricated house company is now specialized in the field of energy saving houses. So, if you choose a type of construction that pays particular attention to sustainable energy production, you are well advised in most cases.

Which prefabricated house provider is the right one?: right

Should one pay attention to the locality?

An important criterion when deciding on a company is also its headquarters: If you choose a provider that is good, but has its production site 300 kilometers away from your property, enormous transport costs will be incurred. Therefore, it is best to find out about prefabricated house companies in your area; if they can live up to your expectations, so much the better.

Inform yourself in advance

Building a house is a big decision for the client, which affects life in many cases. Therefore, it is also enormously important to have a competent prefabricated house company to the side. It will advise and inform you not only about the construction itself, but about all matters relating to the house. These can be for example:

  • Choice of the plot
  • Additional costs from building authority to institution
  • Design of the property, for example with a garden
  • Way of financing
  • Design of the construction contract

Precisely because your prefabricated house provider is involved in almost all details of your house, you should inform yourself in advance: Have friends or acquaintances already had good experiences with a particular provider? Does the provider have good reviews on the internet? This can already be crucial evidence that you are at the right address.

Does it have to be a German company?

Anyone who builds a house often thinks: "What is reasonable there is only in Germany." This is an old-fashioned view today; Of course, there are still black sheep in this industry, both at home and abroad. In Poland, for example, many German-based companies have settled, as there is a lot of demand for new buildings there.

These companies, whether German or not, have adapted to the lower price conditions in Eastern Europe, but usually work in the usual high quality. If you find out about it and maybe even find a suitable provider, you can save several thousand euros. Also the Czech Republic is a real insider tip here.

Tips & Tricks

The prefabricated house provider must be sympathetic to you from the beginning, otherwise there will be a queasy feeling over a longer period of time. Be sure to inform yourself from second source about the provider.

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