Which mortar is the right choice for a sandstone wall?

With a sandstone wall, the question arises again and again, which mortar gives the stones sufficient support, without damaging the soft rock. Cementitious mortar is not suitable as it hardens and hardens after binding and hardening than the sandstone. Trass or air lime mortar is almost always chosen.

Trass and air lime mortar

The manufacturer industry has developed many different special mortars for natural stone in general and sandstone in particular. Among professionals, however, the wealth of possibilities is controversial. Many experienced craftsmen rely on millennia-old mortar types.

In the Roman Empire, the most imposing structures were made of sandstone with air and Trasskalkmörtel attached. Viaducts, bridges and palaces were given a stability that lasted for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. To grout the sandstone, one of the two types of mortar is recommended, which is enriched with sand that matches the structure of the rock.

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