Which water is the healthiest?

Opinions about which water is actually most beneficial to the human body are very different. In many cases, for purely commercial interests, a "better" water is advertised, alternatively to devices for "water improvement". Much of the advertising does not correspond to the facts. Which water is actually the healthiest for our body, read here.

Bottles of water

In Germany alone, more than 10 billion liters of bottled water are converted each year. To uphold the sale, the subconsciously creates the impression that it is "healthier" than tap water. However, bottled water is - if it concerns table water - subject to the same provisions of the Drinking Water Ordinance as tap water.

But it has a catastrophic life cycle assessment. A higher health effect for the body is not given.

Medicinal water, on the other hand, is considered a medicine. It is subject to more stringent regulations and is being tested more extensively than tap water and bottled water. It can be used as an actual cure for curing many diseases.

According to the drug law, it is also suitable for long-term enjoyment. Due to the high mineralization it is recommended to change the brand occasionally to ensure a balanced mineral intake. Medicinal water may only be labeled if it comes from a verified source.

Artificially altered water

While many swear by drinking distilled water, others prefer the so-called "alkaline activated water".

However, drinking distilled water, osmosis water and other high-purity water types can be detrimental to health as it has greatly altered chemical properties and no mineralization at all. It is intended for the technical field but not for health care.

Base water also contains unnatural mineralization that has been artificially altered. The effects on the organism may vary depending on the person, in many cases, however, it comes to the overproduction of gastric acid with resulting disorders and diseases (heartburn, acid ulcers, acid regurgitation).

In esoterically altered water (levitation, information, stone water) are usually made no chemical changes. If the source water is correspondingly pure, there are no negative consequences.

Tips & Tricks

Those who want to drink water of a high degree of purity are best supplied with medicinal water.

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