Which style should it be? To make the stairwell uniform

In the room decoration above all unity, because a homogenous spatial image is perceived by the human eye as pleasant. The same goes for the stairwell, of course, even if it runs over several differently designed floors. First, decide on a specific style, that is, a common thread. On this basis, you then design your staircase.

Many styles are available

There are a variety of styles that may fit your staircase. When deciding, pay particular attention to the existing optical elements, such as the staircase itself and the surrounding area. We suggest these styles:

  • modern puristic, reduced to the essentials
  • nostalgic and cozy, maybe with shabby-chic elements
  • in the retro style of the 60s or 70s pick up
  • noble colonial style with dark wood and exotic patterns
  • airy-light Asia style
  • oriental comfort
  • rustic country house style
  • use Mediterranean design language
  • Scandinavian chic with bright colors and playful patterns

Tips for the successful staircase design

If you want to redesign your staircase according to a certain style, first look at your staircase carefully. Does this fit with the desired look? You have the option of having the entire staircase disguised to visually alter it.

A wooden staircase can be wonderfully painted or stained in the appropriate shade. This will give you the best foundation to stay true to your chosen style from the start.

The banister is also an important element: redesign or replace it according to the desired style. The third important area for the stairwell reshaping is the walls, which can be repainted, creatively hung or tattooed.

Staircase design: beautiful decoration ideas

How about hanging the wall in the stairwell with multicolored saucers? Or choose embroidered murals in a modern style, because this type of wall design is far from out.

You can also use the stair landing to make your stairwell more comfortable. Put on a chair, put a rug on the floor and add a pretty vase.

Create pleasant lighting accents by installing floor spotlights, fitting chic up- and downlights to the walls, or sticking LED strips to the steps. Even a floor lamp on the pedestal looks fancy.

Tips & Tricks

Be inspired by photos of the aforementioned popular home decorating styles that circulate on the Internet. Write down what you like best and clarify in the ensuing brainstorming what can be realized.

Video Board: Stairs infographic Adobe Illustrator tutorial. How to design way up infographic