Who pays for a pipe break?

A burst pipe is usually uncomfortable and can cause a high financial damage. Many people are wondering who will pay for this damage. Here are some very different answers, which we list here.

Household or building insurance

The damage to the building itself is usually borne by the building insurance. But this must be a pipe break in the tap water system. It does not matter whether it is a fresh water pipe or the sewer pipe.

Furnishings and personal belongings

When deciding which of the two insurances is responsible for a particular property, the policyholder can roughly determine whether to take the property when moving or whether it is permanently connected to the house.

All moving parts, which are usually taken along with a move, are part of the household contents and are borne by the household contents insurance in case of damage by a burst pipe.

Water damage in the rented apartment

If another renter causes water damage to your home furnishings, he will be held liable. Nevertheless, the damage should first be reported to your home contents insurance.

The household contents insurance pays the new value for the damaged things, the private liability insurance of the causer but only the time value. Therefore, the injured party is always better when a household or building insurance takes over the payment.

You do not have to feel sorry for the insurance, as this will bring you back the costs of the liability insurance of the person causing the damage in case of doubt.

Tips & Tricks

Whether you are to blame or another tenant or neighbor, you are bound to act immediately. Ignoring water damage can cost insurance coverage. As the insurance company otherwise assumes that all damage would have been avoided.

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