Why make advent calendars better yourself

In the run-up to Christmas, an advent calendar should not be missed. Unfortunately, the sewn Christmas socks and homemade calendars from Germany's children's rooms disappear so slowly. The trend is Christmas calendars from brand manufacturers, which unfortunately promise more than they can hold: traditional sweets, cheap toy surprises, advertising on the packaging and fake content.

In terms of price, however, a shovel is happily added: Advent calendars often cost two and a half times more than conventional products. Also, the packaging cost does not justify the markup - in some cases, the Christmas calendars cost 323 percent more than the candy available in the same store in the packaging sold by the same manufacturer.

Therefore, our advice is: tinker the Advent calendar and fill it with nice things. It does not always have to be sweets. Nuts and dried fruit are sugar-free alternatives, colorful felt-tip pens and funky erasers need tools for everyday school life. But even small toys may not be missing in any Christmas calendar.

Source: Consumer Center Hamburg
Study: Market Check

Image: © Jes | flickr.com | CC BY 2.0

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