Refreshing wicker furniture - you can do that

If you have old wicker furniture in your home, and it has become unsightly over time, you can do a lot to freshen it up. You can not completely reverse the ravages of time, but you still have a lot to do. What that is, read in this post.

Aging processes in woven furniture

Over time, one can recognize certain traces of aging from wicker furniture:

  • Dust and dirt accumulate in the cracks
  • The furniture bleaches especially under the influence of UV radiation
  • The braid dries up and becomes brittle and brittle

Suitable care measures can counteract the aging process at an early stage. If you want to freshen old wicker furniture, there are other things to do.

Tips for refreshing

The aim of the treatment is not only to free the wicker furniture from dirt and dust deposits, but also to give them moisture again, so that they are elastic again. High dryness is noted above all because the material has a brittle effect and creaks.

In detail, you can do the following:

  • clean thoroughly
  • moisten
  • Refresh faded mesh with oil
  • paint heavily faded mesh

Thorough cleaning

The cleaning with soap suds has proven particularly useful. Always use for this warm water, You can also use a soft brush to further clean your wicker furniture.

If you remove coarse dirt beforehand with a soft vacuum cleaner brush, you will save the cleaning time. But make sure that you use a soft brush, otherwise you will get scratches on the furniture in addition to the signs of age, which you can no longer remove.


If you notice that the mesh is already beginning to break, you should briefly expose the furniture to moisture. Shower it vigorously and then rub it off with some water, into which you give salt. This prevents the rattans from drying out further.

Refresh with oil

Special care oils, which are usually available as a spray, help to regain a beautiful and balanced natural color. In many cases, faded furniture looks like new afterwards.

But especially with sprays, make sure that you shake them well and apply them evenly. Especially when the spray is almost empty, much darker shades can come out of the spray head. Always be careful here.

Paint wicker furniture

Painting is another way to beautify old wicker furniture and especially in the outdoor area to protect. You can also use colored paints.

Tips & Tricks

Be sure to expose your wicker furniture to direct sunlight and overwinter it indoors whenever possible.

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