The width - at the row house decisively

While the width of detached houses is a rather unimportant aspect, it plays a bigger role in terraced houses. In this article you will find out why the width is important for both the occupants and the owner of a terraced house and how it makes itself felt.

The terraced house - designed to save space

The width is so important in terraced houses, as it is particularly found in densely populated areas; the narrower the single house, the more people can live in this area. This does not mean that each terraced house is narrowly cut: many builders also choose a terraced house in rural areas, because it brings in high rents and is more economical than the construction of individual houses.

Narrower floor plan

As a resident or prospect of a terraced house you have probably already learned that the layouts of many terraced houses are not as generous as in detached houses: corridors and stairwells are narrow, even some rooms have a deliberately narrow width.

The width - at the row house decisively: decisively

Therefore, as a resident of a terraced house, you should know how to skilfully use the smaller width: purchasing narrower furniture, refurbishing the furnishings, or altering the floor plan can help you to live pleasantly, and in no way confined, in spite of the smaller width.

There are also wide variants

Today, many terraced houses that are not located in urban areas are as wide as detached houses and offer no disadvantage in this regard. Because where there is no lack of space, it is not necessary to save on the width. Many landlords deliberately build terraced houses so that they have no disadvantages compared to freestanding buildings and can achieve comparable rents.

As you can see, the width of a terraced house is enormously important because it achieves the space-saving purpose of this house type. She decisively decides on living comfort, which does not always have to be bad: the number of well-equipped townhouses is growing steadily.

Tips & Tricks

As a builder of a terraced house, you can make the project much more economical by regulating the width. However, you should always make sure that the future residents have enough space to make the house interesting for potential tenants.

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