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  • Wildlife cameras allow for authentic and up-to-the-minute impressions from the wildlife of the forest, which otherwise often remain hidden.
  • Movement and thermal sensors trigger the camera whenever a forest or gardener is in front of the lens. So the nature lover does not miss anything and at the same time energy is saved, if once there is no living being in the field of vision of the cam.
  • The products also look good as surveillance cameras: in outdoor use in front of the entrance area or window as well as inside, the surveillance camera gets everything with it. This can keep burglars away or at least take them up in the act.

Wildcamera Comparison 2018: 2018

Many exciting processes in nature and our immediate environment we do not get along. When deer or wild boars are circling day or night, humans are usually not invited. Laying in wait can quickly become cold and tiring - apart from the fact that the animals are easily frightened.

A wildlife camera opens the door to the hidden wildlife and allows insights into the natural behavior of deer, brook, rabbit and fox. At the same time, it can also be used as a surveillance camera and protect your garden or house from unwanted guests. Therefore, we took a closer look at the practical devices and performed the game camera comparison 2018. In addition to our purchase advice with valuable tips, you will also find here our game camera comparison winner.

1. How does a wildlife camera work?

Pictures by e-mail

Some top class devices allow GPRS images and videos to be sent directly to the mobile phone (MMS) or e-mail slot. For this image transmission, however, the corresponding mobile network or WLAN in the range of the camera must be present. Such a surveillance camera is ideal if it has been mounted in hard-to-reach areas or if you want to secure the files stored in the event of a theft.

Wildcameras differ from ordinary cameras mainly through their sensors. An infrared sensor detects the heat and movement of living creatures passing by and starts recording, This wild photo trap ensures that the digital camera does not miss anything and all events are saved in their field of vision. At the same time, this is also a very energy-efficient mechanism, because a continuously running video surveillance would quickly deplete the batteries or battery capacity of the cameras.

The images or videos of the photo traps are stored on most devices on an SD card. BA video tends to recommend a larger storage volumeso you do not have to read the memory card at too short intervals - but you should pay attention to the compatibility in order to avoid any disadvantages.

We recommend: According to the manufacturer, some game cameras support memory cards with a volume of up to 32 GB. In some cases, however, the camera is overwhelmed with it, which may, for example, affect the response time of the sensor. We therefore recommend the use of SD cards with two to four GB of storage space.

To give you an idea of ​​what activities can take place in your own garden, we present the following video - taken with a wildlife camera.

2. Which wildcamera types are there?

The world of the wildlife camera can be divided into two categories: Game cameras with white LEDs and those with black LEDs, This distinction deals with the flash, which is visible when a cam is triggered - or not. We took a closer look at the categories and illustrate the respective characteristics of the two types.

Wild Camera Typeproperties
White LED
  • generates a very light red light when triggered: infrared flash visible
  • This is usually not noticed by animals
  • produces better illumination and thus higher quality recordings
  • is better for animal photography

  • produces no light when triggered and remains completely unnoticed: invisible flash
  • however, the invisible flash reduces the illumination and thus the image quality
  • is better suited as a security camera, especially outside

Wildcamera Comparison 2018: cameras

Also well camouflaged as a security camera.

We recommend buying a game camera with white LEDsbecause it better serves its core task - the filming of Wild - by delivering more beautiful shots. However, if you want to superficially guard your property or house, you should buy a game camera, which is equipped with black LEDs. Not infrequently, burglars are aware of the red light and steal the camera ado.

3. Purchase criteria for game cameras: You must pay attention to this

The first fundamental decision is therefore to be made with the LED type. If you have already decided on the areas of application and accordingly one of the two game camera types, further essential purchase criteria are incorporated in the search for the best wildlife camera. We would like to introduce these factors to you below.

3.1. resolution

The resolution of common wildlife cameras is quite sufficient for their purposes - but ultimately the image quality can not keep up with that of ordinary digital cameras. In particular, the sharpness must be reduced, although the quality of the images can still convince.

Wildcamera Comparison 2018: wildcamera

Not perfect, but good enough: Wildcats provide enough sharpness, especially during the daytime.

Nevertheless, differences can also be observed in wild game cameras: The resolution quality is usually around five to twelve megapixels (MP), If you value the best possible image quality, you should rather choose a camera with twelve megapixels as your personal test winner. A solid middle ground are wildlife cameras with eight MP.

Outdoor experts: Wildlife cameras usually have a relatively low resolution, but you will receive a specialist who records the processes of nature or - as a surveillance camera - the events around your home.

For a better overview, we have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of a game camera compared to ordinary cameras for everyday use:

  • perfect for watching shy animals
  • versatile use: animal observation, object surveillance, burglary protection, protection against vandalism etc.
  • very robust: perfect for outdoor use
  • often operated by mains plug
  • Resolution sufficient, but relatively weak
  • unnecessary and too late triggering possible
  • rather designed for small SD cards

3.2. Characteristics of the motion sensor

Wildcamera Comparison 2018: 2018

Central and lateral sensor zones.

In addition to the picture quality forms the Motion detectors one of the most crucial purchase criteria, After all, all the other factors help little if the sensor does not respond sensitively enough and the impulse to record does not occur.

The quality of the sensor is evident in three aspects:

  1. Sensitivity of the sensor: The sensitivity of the sensor should be adjustable or ideally set independently. Neither should you miss recordings because the motion sensor does not hit, nor should it react hypersensitive and consume unnecessary storage space. Important is also the reaction time of the cameraWhen a deer runs past the lens, it should react fast enough to capture it before it comes out of the picture. The sensor should not take longer than one second to start recording.
  2. Detection angle of the sensor: The smaller the coverage angle, the more frontally an animal must stand in front of the game camera to trigger it. In order to increase the chances of many beautiful shots, So you should also pay attention to the largest possible detection angle of the camera.
  3. Range of the sensor: Similar to the detection angle, a larger range of the sensor increases the likelihood of getting exciting shots. The larger the range, the farther away the animal can stand to still trigger the camera, Most game cameras respond to movement at a distance of 15-20 meters, but in some cases can reach up to 50 meters.

3.3. display

Wildcamera Comparison 2018: 2018

On a monitor, the photo can still be seen on site.

Some wildlife cameras have a display on the back. The monitor allows you to make settings on the digital cameracheck the orientation of the camera in some cases and, last but not least, view the photos taken without having to remove the SD card and insert it into a computer.

So if you want to operate your game camera as uncomplicated as possible and check photos with ease, you should make sure that your desired camera has a small screen.

3.4. power source


Depending on the intended use, the power consumption may be higher: If you use the camera mainly for night photography, you will have to expect an increased power consumption due to the increased exposure. The same applies if you record a lot or a longer video.

Most game cameras are powered by standard AA batteries. Depending on the model, up to twelve pieces must be inserted.

Alternatively, some manufacturers and brands also offer devices with NiMH batteries: These are more expensive to buy, but in the long run accounts for the continuous costs that would be incurred with batteries. In addition, the batteries can withstand a lower temperature range and also supply the camera with power at around 0° C. Last but not least, the game surveillance camera can usually be operated by battery for longer than with batteries. Clear points victory for the battery, which we logically recommend, However, it must be mentioned that game cameras work satisfactorily even with batteries and you would not buy the wrong game camera here.

Alternative in the hindquarters: Whether battery or rechargeable battery - a wireless surveillance camera can often be operated with a cable and then draws the power directly from the socket. Of course, this is especially useful if the camera is used to monitor your own property.

Wildcamera Comparison 2018: camera

Wildlife cameras provide fascinating insights into the world of wildlife.

4. Questions and answers around the subject of wildlife cameras

4.1. How do I camouflage a wildlife camera?

Wildcamera Comparison 2018: camera

Wildlife cameras are well camouflaged with branches, grasses and leaves - lens, sensors and LEDs should still be exposed.

The enclosures of the game cameras are usually already well camouflaged: in camouflage color, brown and olive colors as well as slightly different color shades they are perfect for use in the forest, Gray and black versions, in turn, are well suited for use as a camouflaged surveillance camera.

Especially for the forest and nature use you can Camouflage camera with branches, twigs and leaves to make them even better blend in with the environment. If you're looking for a well-hidden wild photo trap, there's also a small camera or mini-camera.

Tip: Be careful not to cover the sensor and lens if you want to hide your wildlife camera.

4.2. How much is a game camera?

The prices for the outdoor devices are very different: You get a cheap game camera already from about 60 €.WHowever, we recommend investing at least around 80 € for the entry levelto enjoy both short and long term pleasure in the device.

Particularly convincing game or surveillance cameras are available for just under € 100while the premium products can cost up to € 600.

4.3. In which height should a game camera be mounted?

Wildcamera Comparison 2018: comparison

Close up are hardly close-ups possible, but the camera is better protected from theft and damage.

Again, it depends on the purpose of use: When used as a surveillance camera, the device should preferably be installed so that it gets a good overview, Attention should also be paid to the proximity of the socket so that the camera can be operated continuously.

In nature more aspects have to be considered already:

  • Perspective: If you hang or place the camera at eye level of the animals being photographed, you will get the best pictures, However, there is also a higher risk that the camera of these same animals will be damaged unintentionally. Alternatively, you can aim the cam downwards, which tends to focus on the near area. If you want to capture deer, for example, you should also attach the cam at about the same level as a deer.
  • In addition, note that the camera does not hang in the way (can be triggered or stolen by passing people)ensure that no branches hang in front of the lens and sensor and that direct sunlight is avoided.

4.4. Has the Stiftung Warentest carried out a wildlife camera test?

The Stiftung Warentest can not yet help with a wild camera test and a wildlife camera test winner. However, if you are generally interested in the topic of camera, we would like to recommend the last camera test conducted in 2016. In addition, Stiftung Warentest also published a guidebook on video surveillance in 2016, in which she clarifies the legal situation regarding private video surveillance, For example, you'll need to use a sign to alert you when taking pictures on your property.

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