Wind chimes make yourself

Wind chimes make yourself

Wind chimes make yourself: yourself

At the latest with the first beautiful days of the year begins the search for garden decoration ideas. Making a wind chime yourself is especially nice and not just nice to look at. Ideally, it is always a nice sound game.

To tackle this crafting with children, everyone has fun. But it also has its charm under the motto "Crafting for adults". A really meditative task on the one hand and a good use for all sorts of trivial things, which can be found in drawers and jewelery boxes.

Seashells collected on holiday look attractive and sound good in such a home made wind chime. Driftwood, of course, is particularly suitable as a base. But every other branch u. Ä. Will in winter and weather by itself beautiful silver gray.

Small metal leaves bring high notes to the wind chime - as do bells and bells. Expensive fashion jewelry finds a new purpose and a few woods complete the whole thing perfectly

Tool and material requirements


  • Crimp beads set about 7,30 EUR
  • Nylon thread or about 4,69 EUR
  • Jewelery wire approx. 1.53 EUR
  • Shellfish
  • metal flakes
  • Copper sheet about 5.20 EUR
  • Clamps about 3,30 EUR
  • Pearls about 3,85 EUR


  • Cordless Drills
  • jewelry pliers

Whether you like it very colorful or stay in one or two shades, is a matter of taste and depends on the existing material. This can be supplemented by various craft materials as well as at flea markets. The imagination knows no limits. The main thing is to make your own wind chime yourself with fun.

Step 1: Cut and drill branch or wood

Depending on the desired size of the wind chime, a branch or a piece of wood must be cut to the appropriate length. On the outside, two holes each are made with a 2 - 3 mm drill for the suspension. Then keep some distance and then every 15 - 20 mm drill another hole for each band until about the same distance as at the beginning to the end remains.

Step 2: Straps for suspension

The bands for the suspension of the homemade wind chime are made just like all others, but they are threaded the other way round.

Wind chimes make yourself: make

... and at least one thicker bead for attachment

Wind chimes make yourself: make

All ribbons need a crimp beads

At one end is a crimp bead and then a thicker bead is threaded, which does not fit through the hole. Squeeze very hard, as the whole load depends on these two crimp beads.

Then thread the ribbon with the bead down into the outermost hole (one band at each side). On the upper side of the straps, each with a crimp bead will form a loop as a suspension. To do this, thread a crimp bead and thread your ribbon through the bead again, before squeezing and fastening it.

Wind chimes make yourself: wind

At the end a loop or bead with crimp bead

Wind chimes make yourself: yourself

... one volume after another is filled.

Wind chimes make yourself: yourself

After the wind chime is hung up,

Step 3: Assemble and fasten the bands

In order to equip the wind chime with the individual bands, you hang it on best. Then you prepare the ribbons. This means you'll cut the length, put a crimp bead on one end, and then thread one or two more larger beads than stoppers.

The thus prepared bands are threaded from above (with the bead end up) through the branch and then outfitted with shells, beads, pieces of sheet metal and so on.
Anything that does not have matching holes must be pierced with a thin drill. To do this, it is best to put a small piece of wood as a base and a cordless drill ready.

When threading shells, in most cases it will be enough to drill two holes close to each other and then pass the tape from back to front and then back to front.

All parts that slide down the belt are fixed with a crimp bead at the level at which they are to remain. At the end you can attach some parts with a loop or with a pearl and a crimp bead.

Wind chimes make yourself: yourself

That changes the look and sound

Wind chimes make yourself: yourself

The copper sheet can be hammered

Wind chimes make yourself: yourself

With a universal drill for the most


Wood and most shells are easy to pierce with little effort and a bit of patience. For the metal or any broken glass u. a. you usually need other drills. For example, copper sheet can also be punched with a nail and a hammer.

Step 4: Finish the wind chime

Work your way from left and right to the center. Band after band is equipped directly at the wind chime. Pay attention to the sound, because a sound play can create a very pleasant atmosphere.

Larger pieces of wood should be placed at the bottom, as they would dampen many tones if they were placed at the top of the metal sheets and shells.

In the end, you can wait for the next gust of wind and enjoy your homemade wind chime.

Wind chimes make yourself: wind

Wind chime homemade and done

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