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  • An anemometer or anemometer is a mostly hand-sized measuring device. With the help of shells or a wind turbine, it captures the wind speed and plays it back on a display or smartphone.
  • Anyone who is dependent on the wind in their work or leisure time will no longer want to miss the digital anemometer as a daily companion. For only about 15 euros, you can buy a cheap anemometer and capture and document the drafts in your home or garden - ideally with a measurement data storage.
  • With an average accuracy of +/- 5% and a measurement range of up to 90 km / h, most anemometers are both accurate and capable of detecting even severe storms.

Anemometer comparison 2018: comparison

Anemometer: The wind gauge

Anemometer comparison 2018: wind

The ancient Greek terms anemos (the wind) and métron (the measure) suggest the function of the anemometer: it measures the speed of the wind.

Since 1450 different measuring instruments for wind measurement have been developed. Common methods include:

  • wind plates
  • impellers
  • cup anemometer
  • Ultrasonic Anemometer

Modern wind measuring devices are digital, can be controlled via an anemometer app and also serve as a hygrometer, as a thermometer and as a clock.

Incredible 335 kilometers per hour: the highest wind speed measured in Germany was a gust, whose speed was recorded on the Zugspitze - with the help of an anemometer.

Since time immemorial, we have been fascinated by the noticeable movement of the air - whether by pushing huge masses of clouds or flogging calm waters.

Windmills have been used for millennia kinetic and renewable energy of the wind and also the early seafaring would be unthinkable without wind in the sails.

If you want to buy the best anemometer you should keep an eye on the measuring accuracy, the variety of functions and the storage capacity of the measuring devices.

Anemometer comparison 2018: speed

In our Anemometer Comparison 2018 we explain how an anemometer works and what really matters when measuring the wind speed.

Kaufberatung für Handwindmesser: If the weather forecast is not enough

Many professions, pastimes or sports are Depending on the wind and can usually only be exercised if a constant wind speed is measurable.

Anemometer comparison 2018: anemometer

If you have no idea yet when a portable anemometer can be used, here are some ideas for you:

  • Anemometer comparison 2018: wind

    Sailing: With no wind in the sails, even the best sailor will not budge. Whether sailing or kitesurfing: an anemometer will help you determine when the right wind blows.
  • paragliding: Before the anemometer shows about 12 km / h wind speed on the display, you should not start with the paraglider - a much higher speed in turn requires that you already have experience with the sports equipment.
  • To hunt: With an anemometer you can accurately determine both the wind direction and the wind force, which is always important when the game is to absorb any weather.
  • Kite flying: Not only children like to fly kites: Modern kites are light, aerodynamic and rise even at low wind speeds in the sky - but without wind is not. Check with your anemometer whether only gusts blow or a constant wind prevails. Ideal is a wind force of 2 to 3 or a wind speed of about 13 km / h.

Anemometer comparison 2018: 2018

Who relies on the weather report for such or other activities, is often wrong, because the many individual (Radio) weather stations provide an often consistent overall result, but no exact data for your specific position, The problem can be explained as follows:

Since water covers the globe to a large extent, accordingly, the network of radio and weather stations is sparsely populated. The international weather stations are thus reaching their limits. In order to be able to reliably predict the weather, a large number of parameters must be included in the calculation, whose variables can not currently be reliably determined.

Anemometer comparison 2018: 2018

A hand knife with the dimensions of a multimeter and a weight of only 100 grams can be transported comfortably and used for every situation.

thanks illuminated LCD displays or smartphone connectivity and battery or solar operation can be a test with the anemometer perform even on the stormy coast.

Good news: The measuring accuracy is convincing for all types of anemometer:

Anemometer comparison 2018: comparison

Whether high-quality brand model or a cheap anemometer: about +/- 5% accuracy is an excellent averageAlmost all anemometers in our anemometer comparison reach.

Note, however, that the maximum wind speed you can detect with a handheld wind gauge is about 90 km / h - this is where the measurement range of most digital anemometers ends.

Temperature, measurement data memory and the interface: What differentiates anemometers

Depending on the manufacturer and model, anemometers differ in some respects. While Techoline, Wingoneer or Eligiant anemometers are often equipped with a measurement data memory, many other anemometers do not require you to record your measurement data.

In order not to lose track, we will show you again how important the individual functions are for you:

categoryType of function

Anemometer comparison 2018: speed

Measurement data storage: Anyone who wants to test with the wind gauge can work much more comfortably with a measurement data memory than with pen and paper. The elicited Wind speeds are stored in it for a certain period of time and can be read out or evaluated.

This allows a long-term measurement to be carried out, which is then analyzed - an anemometer with data logger is not absolutely necessary for spontaneous use when sailing.

Measurement of wind speeds on a scientific basis
unnecessary for short-term use when sailing or surfing

Anemometer comparison 2018: comparison

Date and Time: If you want to use the anemometer as a clock at the same time, you should pay attention to a date display or an integrated clock. However, this feature is rarely found on handheld wind knives.

Is yours Anemometer connected to the phone or smartphone (such as the Mjolnir from the manufacturer Vaavud) then both the power supply and the clock or date display are unnecessary.

practical if the measurement is to be assigned to a time or a date
does not replace an outdoor clock

Anemometer comparison 2018: 2018

Temperature measurement: When it comes to weather data, temperature is one of the most sought after values ​​- a thermometer integrated into the anemometer also shows you how hot or cold it is.

useful extension of measurement data, replacing thermometer
sometimes not exact - a high quality thermometer is usually more reliable

Anemometer comparison 2018: comparison

Hygrometer: When using the anemometer to check an air conditioner or other equipment, additional humidity measurements are very helpful.

reliable and helpful during surveying within premises
rarely integrated, we recommend a separate hygrometer

Anemometer test winner: Hardly any handheld wind knife has all the functions mentioned, which is not really necessary for measuring wind speeds. If you do without additional features, you often save a lot of money, but sometimes you have to buy additional measuring devices.

An anemometer test of Stiftung Warentest is currently not available.

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