Make windlight: Engrave tealight glass

Make windlight: Engrave tealight glass: engrave

When the mild temperatures draw people out again in the spring, the garden furniture is built and the terrace or balcony is made fit. A beautiful table decoration in fresh spring colors makes for a cozy atmosphere. Decorative Lanterns fit perfectly into the ambience and can be used on rods glued in planters or flowerbeds to decorate the garden. They also donate a soft light on the terrace, so that the evening does not come to an untimely end.

In addition, self-designed tealight glasses can be as a souvenir, birthday or wedding give away. The motifs can be varied according to personal preferences and the occasion.

In this tutorial we will show you how to make a decorative lantern with engraved butterflies out of a glass. Other craft ideas for votive candle lenses you will also find in the video tutorials.

Engrave lantern


For the design of the lantern are particularly suitable Glasses of frosted or colored glass, because with them the engraved motif can be seen more clearly. Overall, you need the following items:

  • A tealight or votive light glass
  • Template for butterflies
  • A sheet of paper or tracing paper
  • pencil
  • adhesive film
  • Engraving device, z. Eg Dremel® Engraver
  • Diamond engraving point, z. B. Engraving tip 9929 from Dremel®
  • A dark tea towel or black felt

Record and attach butterfly motif

Make windlight: Engrave tealight glass: glass

Use adhesive film to fix the template in the glass and stuff it with a dark cloth.

Before engraving, the glass must be cleaned of all dirt, grease and dust. Rinse it thoroughly with detergent and remove the detergent residue with clear water. Then the tealight glass is dried inside and out with a lint-free cloth. The tealight glass from this manual has a size of 7 x 7 cm (height x diameter).

Next draw the desired motif on a white sheet paper or translucent paper and cut the piece to the size of the glass. These may be butterflies, ladybirds, bunnies or spring flowers just in time for spring.

Place the marked motif on the inner edge of the glass and fix it with a piece of adhesive film. So that the motif is more visible and easier to paint, can a colored tea towel or a piece of felt in the lantern are pushed.

Engrave spring motif in tealight glass

Make windlight: Engrave tealight glass: make

First engrave the edges and then "paint" the butterflies.

After the preparations are completed, the engraving begins: First put one fine diamond point into the engraver and turn it to the lowest level. When using the Dremel® Engraver, take the Diamond Engraving Tip 9929 and set it to Level 1.

Now gently pull the outlines by holding the unit slightly angled, without exerting much pressure, otherwise cracks can form in the glass. After the contours, you can switch to a coarser engraver at will. Thanks to the fine lines, you will not slip off so fast when coloring the butterflies. Of course, you can also continue with the fine tip. To color the motif, guide the engraving knife over the glass in long contiguous paths.

Tip: In between, wipe off the fine dust and Check the engraving for irregularities. Unsightly or omitted areas can easily be reworked.

Decorate engraved lantern

Make windlight: Engrave tealight glass: tealight

Ornate lantern with spring motif.

Finally, the cloth or the felt including the template are removed from the glass and the engraved motif checked again. In the painted areas should no more single strokes to recognize his. If necessary, continue to work out the contours and the pattern until the self-made lantern matches your expectations.

Then the fine will Wash off the dust thoroughly and the glass again cleaned with detergent and dried. Now it can be provided with a tealight and put on the garden table or given away on one of many occasions.

Tip: In a wooden tealight holder and with one color matching bow The lantern glass looks even more noble.

Decoration tip: Engraved candles on decorated wooden bowls

Make windlight: Engrave tealight glass: tealight

In Combination with a decorated wooden bowl and a scented candle the engraved tealight glass becomes a harmonious ensemble. Inspirational ideas for individual gifts and table decorations can be found on our engraving wooden bowls page.

Who else? enhance unadorned glass with a decorated candle If you like, you can use these crafting ideas with our instruction on engraving candles.

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