Build windmill

Build a windmill, make a wind chime, weathercock and windmill

Build windmill: made

Whether a weathercock on the roof or a colorful wind chime in the flowerbed - hobby gardeners love to beautify their garden. Particularly popular are windmill models made of wood, which convey both a filigree and robust impression.

If you also want to decorate your garden with nice wind chimes, you will find suitable crafting instructions and blueprints from the simple paper hand wind wheel to creative wind chimes.

Now build and use the beautiful wind in the garden.

Contents: Making wind chimes

  • Windmill for the garden
  • Weathercock and weathervane
  • windmill
  • Other wind chimes

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Making kites

Craft sky lanterns

Windmill for the garden

Illustrated building instructions with architectural drawings for a windmill model made of wood for the garden modeled after the Britzer mill.

Garden windmill 160 cm x 50 cm

Illustrated construction manual for a garden windmill made of wood.

Windmill for the garden

Construction manual for a model windmill from a bottle, shashlik skewers, pearls and corks. with material list and construction manual.
bei Bauanleitung

Build windmill for garden

Build windmill model of wood, after the design of a German Bockwindmühle. Instructions with blueprint and illustrated instructions.
at Expli

Becher Windmill

Children's project made of paper cups and wooden sticks
at ZZZebra


Flower Pinwheel Paper Toy

highly ornamented flower pinwheel made of construction paper Detailed instructions and craft sheet for download
by Heather Baily


Crafting instructions for a children's pinwheel made of rainbow colored paper. Detailed folding instructions with pictures.

Tinker windmill

Step by step instructions for crafting a windmill made of construction paper and wooden staff. With sketch to fold.

Pinwheel bow and box

Pinwheel as a gift box Instructions with photos and many links
at Mel Stampz

Wind wheel for children

from colored plastic folders

Windmill crafting instructions

Pinwheel made of two-tone paper, glue, thumbtack and stick.
at Bastelparadies

Pinwheel to tinker

made of colored paper illustrated instructions
at Bastelratgeber

Folding windmill

colored paper illustrated step-by-step instructions
at Kiki's web

Make a windmill

Folding instructions with drawings
at children aktuell

Crafting instructions for the wind turbine

a christian pinwheel folding guide with drawings
at children's service Baden

paper Windmill

for the balcony of construction paper or foil (weatherproof) and kitchen paper roll illustrated crafting instructions
at Praxis Jugendarbeit

Crafting instructions for a wind turbine [PDF]

Illustrated instructions and folding template for crafting a wind wheel made of construction paper, suitable for children between 6 and 12 years
at Praxis Umweltbildung

Patriotic pinwheels

America-friendly windmill as decoration for the flowers - Instructions with photos and 3 PDF-works for download
at Skip to my Lou

Crafting instructions for a wind turbine

Folding instructions with drawings and PDF template

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