A wind turbine for a family home - is it worth it?

Today, a myriad of alternative energy options are available to make your home efficient and environmentally friendly. In this article you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of a private wind turbine and why it can not be installed everywhere.

The advantages: environmental friendliness and efficiency

A wind turbine on the roof of your family home offers some advantages, especially environmental protection: you produce your electricity yourself and without any emissions. But not only the environmental friendliness convinced, but also the fast feed: The produced energy can usually be used immediately.

Another advantage is the comparatively low purchase price: Low-priced variants are available from as little as 3,000 euros, with qualitative (and more expensive) wind turbines recommended for their smoothness and longer durability. You have the best chance of recouping your investment as the windmill saves more every day. If you live in particularly windy areas, you can even generate a surplus of electricity, which you can feed into the grid for a fee.

A wind turbine for a family home - is it worth it?: family

Dependence and uncertainty as disadvantages

A clear disadvantage of the private windmill is its dependency on the wind and on supporting utilities in your family home. It can only rarely provide the complete energy needs of a home; the rest must be done by conventional energies like oil or gas.

Uncertainty is another disadvantage of the windmill: If one or two weeks of calm prevail, you only have to live on other energies and the windmill does not pay.

Not only windless regions, but also unfavorable conditions at the house or in the neighborhood can spoil the fun of the wind turbine quickly. Since turbulences often occur, ie indeterminate wind directions on the roof ridge, the wind turbine can not carry out any profitable rotations. Even neighboring houses can make sure that the winds behave unfavorably.

Tips & Tricks

Have an appraiser check whether your house and its surroundings are suitable for installing a wind turbine. Especially with larger investments, it is important that at least the probability of a worthwhile use is high.

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