Align window

Windows not only let light into the building. They also serve to regulate the air. As a result, they are regularly opened and tilted. This always leads to a window being able to grind. In many, the elimination of an option is forgotten - the alignment of the window. How to align a window and why it can always be necessary, you will find in the following article.

The diverse functions of windows

Since time immemorial, people have equipped their residential buildings with openings. Windows have been used here for many centuries. Windows have several tasks:

  • Light entering the building
  • Regulation of the air mixture
  • Regulation of humidity
  • to look out and in
  • weather protection

The high stress of windows...

Here, windows are subjected to massive loads. Once through the weather conditions such as moisture and especially temperature fluctuations. These often lead to thermal changes. In addition, through the opening and closing, but also by suction and wind load windows are exposed to mechanical stress. Thus, the windows are exposed to continuous deformation.

... can lead to a dragging or jamming frame

Not infrequently, after a few years, one leg of the window frame suddenly grinds or the window jams when opening and closing. Many do-it-yourselfers and even craftsmen often assume that they only have to adjust the window. Not infrequently, the effect is corrected for the time being, but not the cause.

The blockage is often the cause

To understand that, take a look at the window structure. The window frame is relatively unstable without glazing. Only after glazing from the window it becomes more stable. In the front view, the window rests on a block. To ensure a good weight distribution, this is located outside on the side in which the window is hung.

Construction of the window block

Diagonally to it, thus above outside (on the opposite side is also a window block.) In addition, in both corners with the Fensterstötten also laterally again Klöze.This are also far outside (thus below or above) to the corner with the upper or the lower window block, however, these blocks serve only for stabilization.

In particular, the lateral upper block can slip

If strong mechanical and thermal influences occur, it can happen that the lateral blocks in particular slip downwards. Explicitly the top side wedged block (opposite the window hinge side) likes to slide down. But then the frame lacks the necessary stability and it deforms. This is often the cause, but falsely set the window and not realigned.

Align blockage - cause fixed!

The alignment is not difficult. For this purpose, only the strips are removed from the frame. Then the view is free on the block. Now you can check if the block, which should be on the outside, has slid downwards. If so, simply slide it back into the right position and attach the retaining strips.

Tips & Tricks

It can happen that a window is adjusted by up to 20 mm because the frame is dragged or jammed. Only checking the blocking then reveals the actual cause. If the window has already been set several times, it is not enough just to push the block back up and align. Of course you also have to reset the window.

Video Board: How to: Align Honda Civic Window (1996-2000)