Make windowsill visually and practically

The window sill as the lower limit of the window is of decisive importance for the overall appearance of the room. Depending on the size of the window and the position of the windowsill, a lot is possible, from decorating with decorative elements to creating seating and up to a winter garden-like design.

Decoration in the center

A classic windowsill at the height of about one meter is usually the visual eye-catcher and the frame for the view outside and inside. Natural stone benches or wood panels are widespread. They can develop their characteristic material optics by polishing. Individual decorative elements can be used differently. When boards made of wood-based materials such as OSB or HDF form the windowsill, they can be customized by sticking or painting.

Utility value with attractive appearance

Many windowsills are set lower in modern architecture. In front of large living room picture windows, they are often more upstream than raised windowsill. In addition to the decoration with floor vases or large sculptures or lamps, the use as a seat is a popular design idea. Placing cushions and cushions creates squares with views, and window sills are often cladded for added storage or optical compactness. By targeted widening the seat can be made more comfortable and generous.

Customize windowsill

  • polish
  • colour
  • adhesive film
  • Wood or material boards
  • Fabrics for scarves, curtains or stores
  • Decoration elements such as
  • Vases
  • Sculptures
  • lighting means
  • Upholstery elements and / or cushions
  • base panel

1. Natural stone

You move your natural stone surface into the optical center through polishing and restrained or non-fitting with decorative elements.

2. Solid or plywood

Natural wood textures can be worked out and colored by polishing. Remember the moisture sensitivity and protect the surfaces by sealing or impregnation.

3. wood material

Especially for the fully covered with seat cushions windows OSB or HDF panels are ideal, from which you can also build a substructure as a shelf or a paneling of the space under the windowsill.

4. Textiles

The overall visual appearance of your windowsill is strongly influenced by curtains, stores or other textile designs. Half-height blinds can act as a privacy screen and fabric scarves on the sides of the window can be draped around the windowsill as a border.

Tips & Tricks

As a tenant, you can enlarge window sills if you place wooden or material boards and fix them with two-sided adhesive tape. In doing so, the front may survive at most a third of the total depth.

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