Windowsill for sitting - can something like this be built?

The picture has long since impressed us not only from American films: sitting on the windowsill in front of the window. Many also dream of such a "thought and dream place" in their house. How this can be realized, and what problems can arise, read in this article.

Width and depth of the windowsill

The window bay depth of conventional window sills is definitely too narrow to sit on. For large windows or double windows but at least enough width to sit reasonably comfortable. The depth of the sill should be increased with appro- priate measures.

Sitting with the window open is rather uncomfortable, because you have the open window wing in the back (or in front of the feet, depending on both). This is much easier in the US, because there sliding windows are the quasi-standard windows.

This offers a little more space even at the open window. In addition, large-format sliding windows offer a much better view than our usual window dimensions.

Radiator under the window

The biggest problem with widening the windowsill may be the presence of radiators under the window. If they are overbuilt, they lose a large part of their effect and bring significantly less heat output in winter.

A broadening of the windowsill is therefore only advisable if no radiators are in front of the window. This is the case, for example, if there are other forms of heating in the room:

  • underfloor heating
  • infrared heating
  • wall heating

In this case, the windows are free and the windowsill can be widened.

Idea: Window shelf with seat

A good way to get a sufficiently stable seat, would be to build a window-high shelf. Particularly interesting would be a staircase, which would also offer a small climbing aid. You can build both yourself.

The top cover plate of the shelf could then replace the previous window sill in a suitable size. Replacing the window sill with a widened one of its own is certainly more beautiful and does not cause any problems when opening the window.

Tips & Tricks

Note that when you sit in the evening with lighting on the windowsill, you are very clearly visible from the outside in the dark. You will then practically look like in a glass cabinet.

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