Clean windows with sunshine - with these 3 tricks it shines

Anyone who works can not always wait until the sun does not shine to clean the windows. Because then it is probably raining. Here are some tricks on how the windows can be cleaned in the sunshine.

1. Be quick when cleaning the windows

As usual we recommend for really clean and streak-free windows just some detergent and water. This cleans the windows and frames very thoroughly. A microfibre cloth or a window cleaning system also works fine here.

2. Ice water does not stain

While normally warm water is recommended for window cleaning, the cleaning water in sunshine should be as cold as possible. If necessary, you can add a load of ice cubes.

Since the thin film of water on the glass can not dry off so quickly when the water is particularly cold, there is more time left to dry the windows without streaks and streaks.

3. Drying after the cold shower

The discs should be washed after cleaning with plenty of clear and cold water. This rinses down the entire detergent as well as the dirt. Then the window must then be dried quickly.

This is either a chamois leather or old tea towels cotton. With the microfiber cloth, it takes a little too long to dry the disc in this case. Even with the puller is in sunshine no particularly good result.

Three little tricks, for clean windows despite the sunshine

  • Use plenty of clear water for rinsing
  • very cold water for cleaning
  • after the clear water quickly dry the windows

Negative when cleaning the windows

If you want to clean windows in the sunshine, the following little things should be avoided:

  • hot water
  • Alcohol / vinegar
  • glass cleaner
  • steam cleaners
  • puller

Tips & Tricks

If you use a window cleaning system because the windows are very high, you can wrap the puller well with an old dishcloth to dry the slices quickly and sustainably. So you do not have to work in lofty heights with a ladder to clean the windows even in the sunshine.

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