Clean windows with the lunar calendar

Many align their whole life after the cycle of the moon. Not everyone believes it, but there are days when it's easier to do a job than on other days, and window cleaning is one of them.

Lunar calendar - what is behind it?

The moon causes ebb and flow and even spring tides can be triggered despite its distance to the earth. That many people, for example, at the full moon and in the last few days before can not sleep very well, is well documented and proven.

But can he really help us with cleaning the windows? Many people swear by it and try to follow the rules meticulously. But that's not so easy, because it's not all about the moon.

The zodiacs affect the moon

In addition, the twelve star signs play into the rules of the lunar calendar. They should also influence the effects of the moon. Depending on whether a zodiac just plays into the increasing, waning or the full moon, the effects are completely different.

This makes the interpretation of the lunar calendar and its effects very difficult for a layman. So the diligent housewife must rely on the advice of self-appointed experts on lunar calendar when cleaning the windows.

In addition, the elements of earth, water, fire and air play a crucial role, whether the window is really sustainable clean or just makes a lot of effort.

Earth signs bring cleanliness

For order and cleanliness should therefore stand the earth sign. Therefore, it should be useful to clean the windows on the days of the earth sign. The moon should be decreasing, so that the windows are clean and, above all, streak-free.

Science and Research

Numerous scientists have already dealt with the phenomenon of the lunar calendar. Unfortunately, the result is not very meaningful and certainly not really proven. Studies have looked into the question of whether the waning moon can actually help with cleaning.

To make matters short, the windows were just as clean and as well cleaned as they were cleaned by the moon. Lunar believers then bring the argument that the earth signs or the zodiac signs have not been sufficiently considered.

Just give it a try, you may find that your windows are actually easier to clean when the moon is on a diet.

Important aspects of the lunar calendar

  • lunar Calendar
  • star sign
  • Earth signs
  • Relationship between the characters

Tips & Tricks

If you want to clean your windows according to the lunar calendar, you need to look around to find the really real tips. Unfortunately, there are countless guides on the net that simply write off the data for the appropriate lunar cycle from a previous year.

Among the countless self-proclaimed professionals are few who really have a deep sense of the effects of the moon. Their partly amazing successes are recognized by the scientists, even if they can not explain them.

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