Clean windows - with vinegar, it's faster

When cleaning the window divide the spirits. Everyone has a different trick or trick. But streaks or streaks often come back with the sunshine. In many cases this is actually due to the own water quality.

Vinegar prevents streaks

The streaks and streaks appear again and again on the discs, is often due to hard, ie calcareous water. The cheap solution is vinegar, which is added to the cleaning water. Alcohol in water works similarly when cleaning windows.

However, with very hard water already a lot of Essigessenz into the water. The cheapest vinegar is just good enough, everything else would be a waste. For a 10-liter bucket, in the worst case, half to one full bottle of one liter of vinegar essence should be added.

Thus, the housewife by this method is not so poor, they should use the vinegar water only for washing the windows and first wash quite simply with dish soap the discs.

Step by step clean the windows with vinegar

  • dish soap
  • vinegar
  • Warm water
  • bucket
  • Microfibre cloth or lint-free dishcloth
  • Old tea towel or leather towel
  • Household gloves

1. Warm water

The temperature of the water actually makes a difference when cleaning the window. The warmer it is, the easier it is to get rid of the annoying streaks and, above all, the flycatcher. So use the water as warm as you can stand it.

Anyway, you should always wear gloves when cleaning the window with vinegar, as the vinegar attacks the skin.

2. Prewash

Microfibre cloths are on the rise everywhere. Even when cleaning the windows, you can work much easier. But they do not have to be expensive special wipes; you can wash the simple microfiber cloths later in the kitchen linen.

With a little washing-up liquid in the warm water you now wash out windows and frames. Pay particular attention to the window rubbers well, otherwise later black streaks penetrate into the window frame. Especially white plastic frames look gray and shabby over the years.

3. rinse

When rinsing the vinegar is now used. At least now you should wear gloves. Wash both window and frame as wet as possible with the vinegar water. But then do not pour clear water on the windows.

4. Dry

To dry the window, a chamois or an old dish towel is suitable. Under no circumstances should you use newsprint as it is still sometimes recommended. The paper scratches your windows and leaves permanent black marks on the frame.

Tips & Tricks

If gray spots or stuck dirt remain on the white window frame, it often goes away with a dirt eraser. For plastic frames you should never use chemical bleach.

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