Darken a window

There are many reasons why a window should be dimmed. The options for darkening a window are accordingly diverse. Below we have put together a number of tips for darkening a window for you.

Why should a window be darkened at all?

Before you look at one option after the other to darken, first the exact reason should be recorded, which is why a window is darkened. This can indeed have very different causes, which also require divergent approaches.

  • Darken to avoid excessive heat from sunlight
  • Darken to sleep better
  • Darken to overwinter plants
  • Darken for a hobby (eg photo lab)

Where do you want to darken a window?

But also the basic conditions are important.

  • Darken windows in your own apartment or in your own home
  • Darken windows in a rental property
  • Darken windows in a hotel or guesthouse

Different options for darkening

Of course you can try out all possibilities in your own home. In the hotel or the pension, however, the promising options are very limited.

  • Permanently installed blinds (in masonry or outside)
  • subsequently mounted blinds and pleated blinds
  • curtains
  • Window tinting films
  • aluminum foil

Blinds to the window to darken

Of course, permanently installed blinds are only suitable for residential use. Maybe also in rental properties. Then you must have a written consent of the landlord. Of course we offer you many articles in the house journal in connection with shutters. For example, install the retrofit shutters or retrofit shutters electrically.

Advantages and disadvantages Blinds

In addition to the total darkening, you can also influence the incident light intensity by raising or lowering the shutter. In addition, blinds also provide protection against heat and cold, so they can insulate a room to some degree against unwanted temperatures. The same applies to the sound. As burglar protection, they are usually only partially suitable because broken up very quickly. Price is the effort rather high.

Venetian blinds and pleats


Venetian blinds refer to individual, interconnected lamellae, which can usually be adjusted via rods or cords. The installation is very simple and takes place on the window frame (side guide) or above the window (lintel).


Pleats have the same effect, but are rolled up. Thus, the light incidence can not be influenced so accurately. There is only the possibility to completely or partially close pleats, with the unlocked window area completely unprotected (looks, heat, etc.).

Pros and cons pleats and blinds

In order to achieve a complete darkening, pleated blinds are preferable because they can actually completely darken over lateral guide rails, which are designed accordingly. Price wise, pleats and blinds are cheap, and can be relatively costly for individual and very special products (for example, especially for photo labs).

Curtain and store

Of course, curtains and blinds are classics if you want to darken a room. Therefore, we do not want to shed any light here. However, we still want to go into the additional features: curtains and blinds can certainly insulate against heat, cold or sound, and depending on the design, also completely darken a room. In addition, they have strong stylistic characteristics.

Window tinting films

Window tinting films are also available in different versions. They can be transparent, semi-transparent and not transparent (even one-sided). You can mirror them and choose from many colors. To insulate the window, special insulating films, especially for single glazing or box glazing, are well suited to achieve significantly better thermal insulation values.

Advantages and disadvantages Tint and window films

The assembly is easy, as well as the removal. The prices for window films are also moderate. However, the cutting and sticking is much more labor-intensive than some other alternative to darkening.

Tips & Tricks

The aluminum foil is a very serious tip to darken a window. Especially in hotels or guesthouses and pensions, it is a good option, if otherwise no darkening options are given. The temporary covering is fast, does not cause any damage and can be removed immediately. If you want to darken a modern way to the window in the long term: there are now the first windows available on the market that can be darkened electronically. However, the financial factor is not insignificant, as costly. For this, properties will soon be added to optimize solar conditions.

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