Dispose of window

Replacing windows is as current for many homeowners as it has been for a long time. However, this is often accompanied by the disposal of the old windows. Since not all windows are glass panes made entirely of pure glass, disposal can be more problematic. Afterwards, we have put together some useful tips and information on disposing of windows for you.

Currently, as many windows are replaced as no longer

At least since 2008 there are more reasons to replace the windows of a building. In that year, major changes were made in the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), which gradually forced house and apartment owners to swap the old ones for new ones with better thermal insulation properties. Of course, you will also find special information about the window dam informative contributions and instructions in the house journal.

Linked to this: the disposal of the old windows

But the replacement of the windows is often accompanied by the disposal of the old window elements. Since there are many window differences, many homeowners do not even know how to properly dispose of windows. Some black sheep take advantage of this ignorance and call sometimes horrendous prices for window disposal. Up to 120 euros disposal costs for an average window can be accessed.

What you dispose of with a window

For the homeowner, it is first of all important to learn more about the structure of a window. This also includes being informed about the materials used. Most windows today are made from the following materials.

  • Wood
  • aluminum
  • plastic
  • Aluminum-plastic
  • Aluminum timber
  • other light metals

Even the rough structure of a conventional window suggests that you can not easily dispose of it with household waste.

  • Wood, metal, plastic, possibly in a material mix
  • Glass panes that can be vapor-deposited with metal
  • between two glass layers, a gas mixture may have been filled
  • Lacquers and glazes on wooden, light metal or plastic frames
  • various sealants (silicone, rubber, etc.)

Separate materials and then dispose of them separately

The easiest way is still if you have the opportunity to separate the different materials themselves, so first take the glass panes out of the frame, as long as it is not metallized with metal windows, between the discs maybe even find a gas filling is.

Now you can feed the frames as well as the separate glass plates on the recycling yard to the appropriate containers. Since window glass can be vaporized glass, the structure of which is also significantly different from bottle glass, the glass collection container is not the right choice.

Recycling yard and special disposal companies

The wood from frames is fed to the waste wood on the waste wood, metal frames are placed in the scrap container and plastic in collection containers also provided for this purpose. In addition, there are numerous companies that dispose windows for you. If you deliver your old windows there, it is generally much cheaper than a pickup by this company.

Complete window disposal with containers

Of course, in addition to companies specializing in window construction and window disposal, waste disposal companies also provide corresponding containers. The size of the necessary containers depends on the amount of windows you have to dispose of.

Pay particular attention to the prices that are made to dispose of the windows. Many dubious offers calculate piece by piece per window (but does not necessarily have to be frivolous!). The rule, on the other hand, is billing by kilograms or tons.

Tips & Tricks

Metal vaporised windows as well as those with a gas filling should only be disposed of at the specialist company. Common gas used as insulating and soundproofing windows is sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). This gas is considered a particularly harmful greenhouse gas. One ton of SF6 has the same effect in the atmosphere as well over 20,000 tonnes of CO2. Negotiate with the seller of your new windows the disposal of the old windows. Often companies make good offers due to the competitive pressure and take over the disposal even without additional costs.

The house journal offers you a whole series of articles and contributions around the windows of residential buildings. For example, to the window plaster or dam to the window.

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