Windows simply glazed - what disadvantages arise?

Single-glazed windows can not be reinstalled today. Why this is so, and what other drawbacks can still have single-glazed windows, and where the exchange can be problematic, read here.

Inadmissibility for lack of effectiveness

Modern windows must be energy-saving windows today. This demand is made by the EnEV. By its definition, the U-value must not exceed 1.3 W / (m²K) when reinstalling windows.

While windows with double glazing usually only just reach these required values, in single-glazed windows the energy loss is often up to five times higher.

casement windows

One exception is the box windows typical of old buildings. Their U-values ​​are often just above the legal minimum requirements.

In old buildings, this is sometimes even more economical if these windows are only additionally protected against heat loss - for example, with heat protection foils on both wings. Such films can often reduce the U-value of the glazing by up to 25%.

Risk of injury when breaking the window

While multi-glazed windows often have a glass bond, this is not the case with single-glazed windows. When they break, this usually leads to the formation of large, sharp-edged splinters, which can be seriously injured quickly. This too is an argument for multiple glazing, as well as the better sound insulation.

Single glazing in listed buildings

Listed buildings are not automatically excluded from the requirements of the EnEV. This only applies if changes fundamentally change the original character of the house or are not economical.

From the point of view of economic efficiency is a window exchange
in single glazing always worthwhile - because of the usually clearly visible optical change through new windows, however, an exception can be applied for in this case, if no suitable windows with multiple glazing are available on the market.

Often, however, can be found together with a window manufacturer ways to still perform a window swap with visually matching historic windows.

Tips & Tricks

If you decide to keep the old single-glazed windows, it is worth thinking about the type of heating. In some cases, switching to radiant heating, such as infrared heating, may be useful and comparatively inexpensive compared to conventional forms of heating such as oil and gas heating.

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