Cut a window film

Window films are popular and can be easily installed by yourself. However, the window film will not correspond to the dimensions of the window area, so it must first be cut to size. You can find out how to cut a window film precisely to fit the following guide.

Window films are frequently used

A window film is useful for many reasons. For example, a frosted glass foil is an excellent visual protection. Other films convince again with certain decors or structures. But even as a sunscreen, they are best suited if they are UV-resistant.

Therefore, window films are also quite commonly used in homes and offices. For attaching one needs with modern films no specialist. Sticking is child's play, with different attachment techniques:

  • static window films
  • self-adhesive window films

Cropping does not differ for both slides.

The cutting of the window foil

You can cut a window film to fit. But it is important to know how the window is structured. For old windows, window putty is still relatively unevenly pressed into the butt joint, with somewhat more modern windows silicone or similar material is cast.

Newer windows are also provided with rubber strips or plastic end strips. With all films, you must take care that these components of the window are not damaged.

Cut the window foil directly at the window

One method of cutting the window foil would therefore be to overlap the window foil slightly. Then push the foil into the corners with a squeegee. Cutter knives and squeegees are then pulled from one side to the other at the window. The downside: there is a thin strip of windows without foil, which is quite visible.

Instead of a relatively thick doctor blade, therefore, a thin metal profile can be used. You can cut the profile so that it fits easily in the window. Cut the profile but first on the long and then the short window dimension or use two profiles.

Create a template and then trim the window film

Another way to tailor the window film would be to work with a template. To do this, use a relatively soft film that you insert into the window instead of the window film. Again, press the foil with a metal profile in the window corners. If you work very carefully.

You can also apply the profile or squeegee to the window bar slightly off the corner so that you can really cut along the corner edge. Then place the stencil with the window foil underneath on a suitable work surface (you can cut it with the cutter knife) and cut it.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to cut the window film directly at the window, please do not remove the protective film yet. The protective or carrier foil is not removed until you attach the window foil.

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