Foil the window ledges

Older people should keep as many decades as possible. But not every window can be maintained over this period so that it looks like new even after years. But if the windows are technically still in order, the complete windows do not have to be replaced immediately. With some windows, you can use modern foils and foil them. In this guide, we give you advice on how to optimally foil which windows.

Windows and their construction

The portfolio of windows offered by retailers is enormous. In addition to windows (glass body) with a variety of properties such as insulation or thermal insulation, the materials of the window frames can be selected differently:

  • Wood
  • plastic
  • metal
  • Combinations of the mentioned materials

Most commonly used are plastic followed by wooden windows. Painting the wooden window is the classic way to prepare one. You can also paint metal windows accordingly. It gets a little more problematic with plastic windows. Especially if you live for rent.

The most modern foils create optimum conditions

But other areas have also made significant progress in recent years. So also in the film technology. Modern foils are now so resistant that you can even pack complete cars with them. It should always be remembered that just cars are exposed to the most violent effects in everyday life - from the weather to the shopping cart bumper in front of the supermarket.

Car films are extremely resilient

Nevertheless, the car films usually do not cause any damage. In contrast, the external influences on the window are often much lower. That means, the films are even better durable. So if you want to foil your windowsills, you should definitely look for high-quality slides in the car sector. UV protection, heat, cold, snow, ice, wet - all of which makes these films nothing.

You can customize these slides with almost no restrictions

In addition, there are not only great solid colors to choose from. Often you can also bring in your own color ideas. In addition, even color mixtures can be printed. A particular highlight is even three-dimensional films, ie those with a surface structure.

The wrapping of the window strips is even around edges

Once you have selected the slides, they will be cut to your liking. Bear in mind that even foils from the vehicle area can also be glued effortlessly around corners, edges and in beads. You can also wrap window borders around the corner.

Applying the window film

The foliation of the window bars themselves is then easy. Depending on the strips that you want to foil, they will remain on the window or be dismantled. Then you have to be cleaned. Usually fat or silicone cleaners are used.

Make sure that you do not insert any more into the cleaned area, as this will bring grease back to the surface. Then the film is simply glued according to the instructions. Depending on the adhesive technology, there are various options to choose from.

Tips & Tricks

Not only the window strips you can foil. The glass surfaces can also be tinted or adjusted with foil. It should also be mentioned the mirror window.

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