Cleaning window frames - how do you get dirt, gilb and stains from the window frame?

Depending on which material window frames are made of, there are different methods and cleaners to remove dirt, stains and yellow from the frame. What works where and how to use the respective cleaners correctly reveals therefore the following post.

Different soiling

  • Light / everyday soiling
  • Strongly adhering dirt
  • to remove stains

Light / everyday soiling


Wood has the advantage that it hardly holds on to dirt. A damp cleaning of the window frame from time to time is sufficient. A dash of detergent in the cleaning water is sufficient.

Once or twice a year, special care products for the wood surface should be added to the cleaning water. They are also available in hardware stores. On the recommendations of the window manufacturer but should be respected.

Regular care can be used to significantly lengthen the intervals for new glazing or repainting (re-glaze every 5 years, repaint every 10 years).


Plastic charges itself statically and therefore keeps dirt particles tight. For cleaning plastic window frames, therefore, a little more detergent or all-purpose cleaner should be added to the cleaning water.


Alu should preferably be cleaned with special cleaning agents. They are available in the hardware store and in the specialized trade. For everyday cleaning but usually also wet wiping with very little detergent or cleaning all in cleaning water.

Strongly adhering dirt


Sticky, sticky dirt on painted wood surfaces can usually still be removed quite well with dish soap or all-purpose cleaner.

If necessary, spray on and leave to soak. The natural fat-dissolving power of detergent is usually sufficient for greasy soils. Power cleaners should be used with care on painted surfaces.


If sticky, strongly adhering dirt can no longer be removed properly from the plastic frame, special plastic cleaner often helps.

Such cleaners are found favorably in the automotive sector for the cleaning of dashboards. They carry the upper and weathered plastic layers with them and often clean very dirty plastic frames very well. If possible, do not put too much pressure on the gaskets and the glass.


Persistent dirt on aluminum is problematic. Excessive rubbing can cause scratches that remain visible afterwards. However, grease and dirt-dissolving power cleaners can generally be used on aluminum.

However, more effective rim cleaners have proven to be more effective. They also dissolve stubborn dirt on aluminum.

to remove stains


Stains that have already penetrated the lacquer layer can only be removed by painting (at the next glaze). If a stain has already penetrated into the wood layer, the affected area should be sanded over a large area before the next glazing until the stain is no longer visible.


Stains that have not penetrated too deeply into the plastic can still be easily removed with plastic cleaners. If that is no longer possible, only a repainting of the plastic helps.


In some cases, specialized aluminum cleaners or strong wheel cleaners may still be effective. However, discoloration of the metal by certain substances can usually no longer be eliminated.

Tips & Tricks

Alu becomes much easier to care for when sealed with a special wax.

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