Build window frames yourself - how does it work?

Often the question arises, if you can not build a wooden window frame yourself. This saves high costs for custom-made products, especially for old buildings. With a little effort and skill he can easily build a wooden window frame. Here is how it works.


For the self-construction of a window frame is best used pine wood. It is also the traditional material for wood window construction and easy to work with.

Window scantlings are available in different formats in the hardware store. It is advisable to have them cut to the correct lengths, and according to your own blueprint, also let the parts for the window frame be cut to length.

tenon joint

The sides of the window frame are joined together by means of a so-called pin connection. That requires some skill. But it is the toughest variant.

wood protection

The pinewood should in any case be sufficiently treated (number of coats) with wood preservative and blue stain protection. It can then be painted or varnished.

Parts for the window frame

  • frame rectangle
  • Molding strips (can be omitted for very simple design variants)
  • Frame-side fitting parts

Build wooden window frames - that's how it works

  • Frame parts (cut to size)
  • fascia boards
  • Forged
  • glue
  • saw
  • grinding machine
  • ev. plane

1. Design the window

Draw and dimension an exact plan. Keep the dimensions exactly when cutting, otherwise the frame and window sash will not match. It is best to cut all the parts at the hardware store or by the timber dealer in the required dimensions.

2. Assemble frame parts

First, make the tenon joints on the sides. Then assemble the frame rectangle with tenon joints. Fix the assembled and glued parts with screw clamps until the glue has hardened.

Then attach the cover strips if you want to use them.

3. Sanding and painting

Apply wood preservation, primer, and two or three coats of paint. Sand after each operation and always carefully remove the sanding dust. Then you can mount the frame-side fitting parts. Measure very precisely here, so that the window sashes fit exactly afterwards.

4. Build wooden window sash

After completing the frame, you can then build the sashes.

Tips & Tricks

Pay attention to a very exact execution and fitting of the frame. Leaks and gaps can lead to drafts and in the worst case also to mold growth.

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