Never drill window frames if possible

The drilling of holes in a window frame made of plastic or aluminum should be avoided as much as possible, regardless of the ownership. In wooden frames, holes can be closed relatively easily with wood putty again, but again, it is advisable to find other fastening solutions.

Property damage and technical risk

If curtains or other privacy screens are to be applied to the window frame, the question arises again and again whether the drilling of holes is a problem. If the windows are in a rented or rented house, owners will be right in almost all cases if they value drilled window frames as property damage.

But even if window frames belong to oneself, drilling should be completely avoided if possible. Especially with plastic and aluminum frames, piercing can quickly cause mechanical damage. Improperly placed drill holes often lead to blind double glazing.

Plastic, aluminum and wood

The window filling or glazing of double or triple panes has evacuated intermediate layers. If this vacuum is damaged by drilling, the discs will be blinded by the intake of air, moisture and dirt.

Window frames made of wood, this risk is lower because the frame body is solid and holes can be made far away from the discs. In addition, the frame profiles on most wooden windows are not part of the insulation system. Old holes can be filled with wood cement.

Clamp and glue

There are a variety of window panels that can be fixed by means of clamping techniques or gluing without drilling on the window frame. For the mounting of curtains, the installation of blinds and the fixing of pleats manufacturers have developed many different mounting systems.

Since pleated has a low weight, usually already two small Klebehalterungen to give him sufficient support in the assembly of plastic windows.

Tips & Tricks

When you think about the possible types of curtains, you should always consider the attachment. In addition to clamping and gluing devices, ideas can also open up interesting alternatives and design options with the use of spring telescopic rods.

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