Polishing window glass - what helps and what does not

Microfine scratches on the window glass often become noticeable after some time. What they are made of, how to avoid them, and how to polish window glass and remove the scratches, read this post.

Cause of scratches on the glass

Essentially, fine scratches on the glass due to carelessness during cleaning. If unsuitable cloths or sponges are used to clean the windows, they can scratch the windows - invisibly at first.

The number of these scratches increases with each brushing, and eventually the scratches become clearly visible. Dirt on the cleaning rags and sponges can also scratch the smallest scratches in the glass surface.

Even under the rubber lip of peelers often collect the smallest dirt particles that can cause scratches in the glass. Therefore, wipers should always be wiped carefully and very often with a soft cloth while using them.

Avoid scratches in the glass

Glass surfaces should only be cleaned with suitable cleaning agents (glass cleaner) and suitable cleaning equipment. What you should not do is:

  • Use dirty, hard or stiff cloths for cleaning
  • Use sponges with a rough surface for cleaning
  • Apply abrasive cleaners to the glass surface
  • Whisk grains of sand and dirt over the glass surface

Windows should be gently cleaned only with soft cloths. Avoid excessive rubbing. Before you dry the windows, all dirt should have been removed from the window.

Even the once so popular polishing the windows with crumpled newspaper to avoid stripes is not a particularly good idea.

Remove scratches in the glass

Glass can be polished. However, this is only possible with very special tools and with suitable polishing material. Only in this way can scratches in the glass surface actually be polished out.
Home remedies such as toothpaste or the like are definitely inappropriate.

Tips & Tricks

You can also ask your glazier for advice on high-quality glass surfaces. For windows, a complex polishing is often not worthwhile.