Set a window handle

The window handle must perform really hard work when opening, closing and tilting, as well as the whole window. A typical consequence is that the window handle will eventually not turn as it should. This clamping window handle indicates that something has to be adjusted at the window. However, the window handle does not have to be adjusted, as is often assumed.

It is often underestimated what windows stand

Windows have to endure a lot. For example, did you know that the relative sizes (latitude and longitude) must be within a certain range? Otherwise, a window will be so heavily loaded that it will have a significantly shorter life before it breaks. When zooming in the window, this is important to know. Therefore, windows are coupled when large windows are required.

These components are particularly stressed

The various mechanical components are permanently exposed to this high load:

  • Transmission and linkage (in the sash)
  • scissor linkage
  • Window fittings and stoppers
  • window handle
  • casement

If it is suspected that the window handle is to be adjusted

It is relatively easy to determine if something is wrong with a window. The window can either no longer close well or be very difficult to open. In addition, the window handle can no longer rotate into the endpoints. But when the window is stuck, inexperienced laymen think that the window handle has to be adjusted.

The window handle can not be adjusted

However, you can not set the window handle yourself. Nor the linkage or gear inside the window sash. Rather, the window must be set. In fact, the locking pins are usually the ones that no longer engage completely. Then, of course, the boom with the window handle also stops. Instead of the window handle so the fittings or the locking pins must be adjusted.

Even a wrong window setting is not always the cause

But here we come to an area where even some craftsmen from the subject wrong. Because not always the fittings or bands or the sash must be set incorrectly. Under certain circumstances, it may happen that the blockage in the interior of the wing, on which the window rests or is fixed, has slipped. Not infrequently, some craftsmen do not check the blocks and try exclusively to adjust the window conventionally.

The blockage can also slip

However, the wing can be completely adjusted. Although the window can be closed, not infrequently a strange resistance is felt at the window handle. What exactly can be set here, we have summarized under "window adjust" for you.

Tips & Tricks

In order to check the blockage of the windows, the window strips must be removed along the glass. Be very careful in this work, as the window is quickly damaged.

Video Board: How to change a uPVC Window Handle