Windows in the fire wall - all regulations

At first glance, it contradicts itself when windows are to be installed in a fire wall. Basically, no openings are allowed in the fire wall. However, if the window meets the requirements of fire protection, it can certainly be installed in a fire wall. How the regulations are and whether the installation is worth, is here.

Fire resistance class crucial

The installation of a window in a fire wall is therefore possible. But it is not enough to use a window of fire resistance class F30 or F60, as often recommended.

For the proper erection of a fire wall, the window must comply at least with the fire resistance class F F90. Therefore, for example, no glass blocks can be used, because they do not keep the heat sufficiently and objects on the other side of the glass wall would ignite itself.

  • Fire resistance class F30 - fire retardant
  • Fire resistance class F60 - high fire retardant
  • Fire resistance class F90 - fire resistant
  • Fire resistance class F120 - fire resistant

Is the window in the fire wall worth it?

If the firewall or the relevant window is close to the border to the neighboring plot, it may even be that it must be opaque. At least then one wonders about the benefits of such a window, especially if one considers the high prices. One square meter of class F90 glass costs around 2,500 euros, although the frame still has to be added.

Hassle opened window

In a fire protection wall, the window of fire protection class F90 must not be opened. However, there are now sensors that close the window automatically in an emergency. Of course, the courts have already dealt with this since the neighbors and building authorities often did not agree with such sensor-controlled locking devices.

However, the court did not accept the argument that the device could be manipulated. When properly installed, these locking devices can also be installed in a fire wall.

Tips & Tricks

If there is any way to provide light to the room on another wall, you should rather forego a window in the fire wall. Even if the court agrees with you and you can install their window in the fire wall, the neighborhood relationship is often permanently destroyed under these circumstances.

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