Install window in inner wall

It is extraordinary, but it does happen: the installation of a window, a hatch or the like in an interior wall. How to proceed when installing a window into an interior wall can be read in detail below.

Creating an opening in an interior wall

Conventionally, interior walls have no other openings apart from the door openings. But it can happen that this is desirable. For example, for a window. But there are other reasons as well:

  • Installation of a window in an inner wall
  • Creating a hatch (for example, between kitchen and dining room)
  • Installation of an aquarium in the wall, which can be seen from both rooms

Consider the statics of load-bearing interior walls

Although you do not want to remove an interior wall, you are still dealing with a lasting impact on the building fabric. That means you have to know beforehand if the inner wall is a supporting or non-supporting wall. If you want to install a window in a load-bearing interior wall, there is no way around a structural engineer or architect involved in the planning.

Select the lintel according to the desired window width

If this question is clarified and the installation of the window into the inner wall is no longer in the way, you still need different materials. In principle, you can also buy windows and window frames later. But what you need immediately is the lintel.

Here is an overview of the dimensions of a concrete fall, here to the brick fall. As a rule of thumb, the fall should always be at least 50 cm longer than the later window width. This is the only way the fall is sufficient and can dissipate the weight sideways.

Creating the wall opening for the window

Now the dimensions for the window opening are marked. These are chosen slightly wider than the later window frame and then smoothed accordingly with mortar. You can proceed in different ways: classic with a hammer (chisel) and a chisel, or first with a concrete or stone mill, and then pre-mill or cut the window opening. Then the bricks are removed with a hammer and a chisel. The use of a sledgehammer is only conditionally recommendable, because so the entire wall could be destabilized and break out too big a piece.

Tips & Tricks

The actual installation of a window would go beyond the scope of this article. Therefore, here we provide a step-by-step step-by-step guide to installing a window. Of course, you do not necessarily have to install RAL on an interior wall.

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